Guangzhou, Hong Kong and Macao contemporary art exhibition 'exit'

by:Ennas      2020-06-16
Core tip: exhibition poster exhibition cities: guangdong - Shenzhen curator: kingsly, Fang Lihua, Xie Anyu, wang show time: 2008 - 12 - 2009-28 ~ 02 - 22 the vernissage: 2 exhibition poster exhibition cities: guangdong - Shenzhen curator: kingsly, Fang Lihua, Xie Anyu, wang show time: 2008 - 12 - 2009-28 ~ 02 - The opening cocktail of 22:2008 - 12 - 2816-00 - 18:00 exhibition location: he xiangning art museum organizers: he xiangning art museum, OCT contemporary art center exhibition preface: he xiangning art museum, OCT contemporary art center for the first time to guangzhou, shenzhen, Hong Kong and Macao four contemporary art collection together, through the work to render the four urban development in the process of both the independent and associated state of reality. 'Exit' is one of area, space and context means the concept of three layer. On the regional concept, 'state' refers to the 'boundary' between region and region. Our territory all suggest that it is tangible, and intangible. Go to different city or country, we regard it as 'exit'. Enter the Hong Kong and macau mainland Chinese or foreigners, all needs to pass or passport; And after shenzhen became a special economic zone has been, to enter the city of foreign personnel routine inspection documents. Although the four cities of plate are integrated border, but level clearly suggests that the flow of personnel is crossing the borders of geographic and system. Today, the boundary has been slowly desalt, it reflects the regional communication and contact between the increasingly close. Geographical and sector division not only constructs the entities in different areas, it also formed different space in psychological, people's living space relatively solidified into the 'flow' from the past. In the past our imagination, 'exit' is a kind of magical things, today has become commonplace. 'Exit' not only from one space to another space movement, is also a psychological space transformation process, the change of the role of four cities as guangzhou, Hong Kong and Macao, as well as our understanding of this transformation, are revealed in the physical and psychological space. And 'context' is the exhibition a layer of meaning of the most attention. From this perspective, 'exit' present is actually a kind of is different from the original context of situation. Like foucault ( MichelFoucault) In its 'with the word' mentioned in 'utopia', it is the same as the meaning of 'utopia' is neither, nor the contrary, but to a different state, is an ideal daily embodiment. Each city is inherently exist various kinds of differences, and guangzhou, shenzhen, Hong Kong and macau because of their complicated historical background, the features of the 'differences'. Such as guangzhou is a old city, shenzhen is the plots of the reform and opening to the outside world, Hong Kong and macau with the implementation of 'one country, two systems' policy, from colony to another kind of 'dc'. It's decided to this a few cities in the economic, political, and the development direction of culture and art are different. However, in these seemingly become 'conclusion' phenomenon, we are looking for to a state of 'difference', and these artists for 'vision' is particularly keen sense of smell. The exhibition, the artists, a total of 20, guangzhou has Duan Jianyu, GanXiaoEr, xiao-peng huang, Qin Jin, Xu Tan, Zhou Tao; Shenzhen David yun dai, Jiang Zhi, Liu Zhuoquan, TengFei, XiaoQuan, Yang yong, Yao Zhiyan; Hong Kong's pak sheung chuen, weft, liang cheng MeiPing, lam tung pang, Angela su; Macau has li courageously and Yang Zijian. Exhibition, a total of 21 pieces, mainly paintings, pictures, device and imaging, such as shape, and city, geography, and various phenomena in daily life are closely correlation. The exhibition curator team, is he xiangning art museum, OCT contemporary art center of four peers after 80, they picking artists in young people's thinking and perspective to interpret works of art, as well as the complexity of the relationship between urban history and so on. 2008 is a unique means that the concept of time, in a special historical context, we would like to the exhibition dedicated to 'the 30th anniversary of reform and opening-up in China'. He xiangning art museum, OCT contemporary art center beam MeiPing exhibition work
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