Guangxi: Sampling inspection of children's toys in 2020 has a high unqualified rate

by:Ennas      2022-02-04
On March 6, the reporter learned from the Market Supervision Bureau of the Autonomous Region that in 2020, the bureau carried out random inspections on the quality of 32 products including refined oil, food-related products, elderly products, and children’s toys. Qualified products. Among them, the unqualified detection rate of commercial coal and civil briquette is as high as 85.7%, and the unqualified detection rate of children's shoes, mobile power supplies, sun protection clothing, and products for the elderly is also high. The quality of 30% of children's toys is substandard and the quality of children's products has always been a concern of parents. The reporter found that common daily necessities such as baby carriages, children's shoes, children's swimwear, children's toys, children's phone watches, etc. were all listed as the objects of random inspection. The results of the spot check showed that the unqualified detection rate of children’s shoes accounted for about 30%. The unqualified items involved marking, outsole hardness, abrasion resistance, lining and inner pad rubbing color fastness, phthalates, and Babu culture, Yong Gaoren, Dukaduomi, Rainbow Bear, Mickey Chart, Happy Camp and other trademarks. Children have no resistance to children's toys, so the quality of children's toys is more concerned. Last year, Guangxi randomly checked 101 batches of children's toys, including Rubik's Cube, baby rattles, static educational toys, and transportation series. The results show that there are 33 batches of unqualified products. The unqualified items involve normal use of mechanical and physical properties, reasonable foreseeable abuse of mechanical and physical properties, plasticizers, migration of specific elements, toy identification, etc., involving Mingle Trademarks such as Xin, Youyouhu, Xingya, etc. 2020 Circulation Field (Physical Store) Batch List of Unqualified Children's Toys Product Batch List 2020 Circulation Field (E-commerce) Batch List of Unqualified Children's Toy Products Every summer, many parents will take their children to the swimming pool or beach to play, so children Swimsuits have become indispensable equipment. Among the 54 batches of children’s swimwear products that were spot-checked last year, 9 batches were substandard products. The substandard items involved analysis of fiber composition, involving trademarks such as Maiqi, Mansibe, Inidi, and Peacock Lauder. Baby carriages are also just needed by infants and young children. However, the quality of strollers is uneven, some have sharp edges, and some have unreliable braking systems. Last year, Guangxi randomly inspected 40 batches of baby stroller products, focusing on the inspection of 8 items including product manuals, signs, sharp edges, exposed protrusions, protrusions forbidden areas, protection devices and screws, small parts, and migration of specific elements. There are 6 batches of unqualified products, and the unqualified items are instructions and marks. Nowadays, children's phone watches are gradually becoming popular, and there are many brands of such products on the market. Last year, Guangxi randomly inspected 18 batches of products from 15 sellers, including 2 batches of unqualified products. The unqualified items were radiation spurious harassment, involving trademarks such as Mimi Tu and Kaierbu.
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