Grasp the 'point' of the hearts of the people, gifts 'sell cute' to impress consumers

by:Ennas      2022-02-08

Consumers with ample material life always have a demand for 'selling cute'. In supermarkets and shopping malls, cute and kawaii products can always be favored by consumers, cute and soft plush toys It is always easy to capture the hearts of men, women and children. I have to admit that most of the time, consumers are still sensual. In the fierce market competition, gift companies can impress consumers by 'selling cute' as long as they hit the pain points. Can 'selling cute' really generate economic value? I think the answer is yes. Because with the abundance of products and the continuous improvement of consumers' horizons, their requirements for products are no longer available. 'It is so simple, and there must be a point to grab the hearts of the people.' Either you are easier to use than others and completely hit the pain point in terms of function; or you have the added value that hits the hearts of the people'. Selling cute is the latter way. However, for many gift companies, the value and benefits of selling cute are not seen. No matter how much you want to improve the brand, the most fundamental thing is to increase sales. Once the sales pick up, the brand will immediately become the second place, let alone invest or even lose money to sell cute. Gift companies believe in It is always an immediate benefit. They believe that to be an image and a brand is far inferior to a promotion and a discount. The vast majority of Chinese gift companies are still quite satisfactory, so the sale of cuteness is fundamentally speaking. There is also a contradiction with the operation of the enterprise. The operation and management of the enterprise are generally rigorous, but selling cute is generally considered to be loose. It is true that there is no standard to measure the selling of cute, but it is the most impressive thing for consumers. Place. The major gift companies, whether you admit it or not, whether you do image management or not, you always have an image in the hearts of consumers. If you don’t plan an image for them, then all you usually show, Including storefronts, displays, shop assistants, etc. are all part of your image. Therefore, non-commitment has resulted in laissez-faire. In the end, the image of your brand in the minds of consumers is either vague or messed up. So, gift companies, don’t Tighten your old-fashioned stinky face again, smile, please sell cute appropriately, and give the enterprise a soul. Perhaps you will find that the hearts of consumers have already been cute.
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