'Grandpa Barbie' subverts the stereotype of the outside world

by:Ennas      2021-12-13

The 90-year-old Zhang Yunlin once worked in Taiwan’s 'Tobacco and Alcohol Sales Bureau'. After retiring, he lived in Taishan and devoted himself to the sewing of Barbie doll clothes. The children called him 'Barbie Grandpa' and he proudly showed his hand-sewn. Baby clothes. According to Taiwan’s 'China Times' report, Taishan Township in Taiwan used to have the reputation of 'Doll Township'. In the past, tens of thousands of Meining Barbie dolls were produced. The doll teacher Zhang Yunlin, a man who never knows how to pierce needles, has transformed into a female celebrity. No matter whether he sews baby clothes by hand or makes props, he can't be troubled by him. 'Barbie Grandpa' subverts the stereotype of the outside world.   Zhang Yunlin is from Changting County, Fujian Province. After graduating from Changting Normal School, he worked in Taiwan’s 'Tobacco and Alcohol Sales Bureau'. 'Although I retire, but this mind should not retire,' Zhang Yunlin said. After retiring, living in Taishan coincides with the promotion of 'one village, one characteristic' by the internal affairs department of Taiwan. Having bred many doll teachers, Zhang Yunlin volunteered to join the ranks of teachers. His only male identity became 'a little green in the red bush'. The children always teased him and called him 'Grandpa Barbie'. Zhang Yunlin’s work 'Slow work produces meticulous workMisunderstood that his work came from a female hand, and called him 'MissWith the relocation of the factory and the dissolution of the cooperative, Zhang Yunlin still sews baby clothes and makes props every day. Despite his old age, his fingers are still very flexible, and the sewing skills are not inferior to young people. The moment his hands move, his eyes look It was full of brilliance.
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