Google cooperated with CERN (European Research Center for Atomic Energy) to launch the latest gameplay of Google Street View

by:Ennas      2021-11-24

In order to promote its own Google Street View service, Google has come up with many ways. Now, in cooperation with CERN (European Atomic Energy Research Center), they have launched the latest gameplay of Google Street View: Find a small Little Lego! CERN launched the object hunting game earlier this week and stated that it will determine two winners-one from within CERN and the other from the public. There are a total of 20 Lego dolls hidden in shelves and servers, but if you want a chance to win, you must find three of them. CERN stated that these dolls were placed in the center of CERN awaiting the arrival of participants. They said that if you accept this challenge, then you need to keep your eyes sensitive to things including Hawaiian dancers, gorillas and aliens at any time. Gizmodo is obviously in charge of this activity, and it is said that a doll of a pharaoh and a little fairy will also be added to the list. Once you have found the 3 dolls, be sure to take a screenshot of them and send them via e-mail to TreasureHunt-ComputingCentre@Cern.chx. You can participate in this event until January 31 next year. The winners will be contacted by e-mail and they will be able to choose any item in CERN's gift manual. If you encounter difficulties during the participation, don't be anxious. CERN has provided a map of the two floors of their computer center to help you. CERN also hinted: 'Look more for the top of shelves and servers, these dolls will not float in the air.'
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