Google acquires 'Work Simulator' developer to build more VR games

by:Ennas      2022-01-06
Owlchemy Labs, a game studio that became famous with the VR game 'Job SimulatorBoth parties announced the news on their official blogs, but Google did not disclose the specific amount of the acquisition.   Founded in 2010, Owlchemy Labs is a game studio located in Texas. When it was founded, it was just a team of four people. Now it has slowly grown to 23 people. Despite the small size of the team, Owlchemy Labs has created quite a few popular VR games. In August last year, Owlchemy Labs announced that it had completed a $5 million financing, led by Qualcomm Ventures and HTC participated in the investment.    Owlchemy Labs team    studio's representative work 'Work Simulation' has a very good reputation, it was rated as the best VR game of the year at the 2017 Game Developers Conference. This game has brought them more than $3 million in sales revenue, and game-related videos have been viewed more than 250 million times on YouTube. 'Working Simulation' is a game that allows you to experience various common tasks in the VR world. Although the name of the game looks ordinary, its settings and content are absurd and funny, and even a little ironic. .     In 2050, all jobs in the world will be replaced by robots. In order to regain the working memory of the past, people need this kind of work simulation to learn and experience exactly what work is. The game provides four types of jobs: chefs, ordinary office workers, auto repairers, and convenience store clerks. These jobs are mostly repetitive and tedious but do not have too high technical requirements. They are also regarded as extremely easy to be replaced in the future society. jobs.   But in fact, the game does not require players to complete those tasks seriously and attentively. Since your boss is a robot, you can use your creativity and destructive power to your heart's content, and even complete some tricky tasks, pretending to be very busy under the robot's nose.   Of course, the playability and depth of 'Work Simulator' cannot actually be compared with many other VR games. As Owlchemy Labs said, 'Work Simulator' is more like a safe bet. Absurd style and excellent visual experience are the consistent advantages of Owlchemy Labs' games. Coupled with excellent market performance, Owlchemy Labs is naturally regarded as a VR game studio with considerable potential.   Owlchemy Labs is very excited about this acquisition by a technology giant like Google. The team will then be incorporated into Google’s Daydream department to create a new VR experience with the existing content team.   In addition, Owlchemy Labs also stated that they plan to continue to produce high-quality VR content for PS VR, Oculus Touch and HTC Vive.  Google stated in its official blog that they will cooperate with Owlchemy Labs to develop more fascinating immersive games and develop new interactive models on different platforms to bring the best VR experience to people's lives. According to data disclosed at the beginning of this year, the number of application downloads on the Daydream View platform is only between 1,000 and 5,000. In the face of bleak numbers, Google really needs more content to enrich it.  TAGS: Google 'Work Simulation' VR game
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