Good, 'said xinjiang, plastic into beautiful' figurine works at end

by:Ennas      2021-10-28
Core tip: in cities 'beautiful xinjiang? Plastic into 'good small sculpture exhibition site, tower city citizens enjoy work. Guli mina Eric HaZi s-born taken into October 28 cities in tower 'beautiful xinjiang? Plastic into 'good small sculpture exhibition site, tower city citizens enjoy work. Guli mina Eric HaZi s-born taken into October 28 (Reuters) - Guli mina Eric HaZi) 'You see, this is just show ( The meaning of sugar, kazak customs) , the feeling of sugar is going to spill. 'On October 28, in cities' beautiful xinjiang, said plastic into 'excellent figurines exhibition site, tower city residents may guo enjoying the sight of this festival are the roof work' show '. 'The kazak grandma kind face and hands away candy, embodies the sweet feeling of life now. 'May guo said he appreciate the statuettes at home for the first time, let her joy, some works with tuscaloosa elements. Although the weather is very cold, but at the scene of the exhibition's popularity is still hot, local residents wrapped in thick winter clothes to appreciate it. Zen HuiXia into citizens to take their children to come over to the exhibition, carefully introduce children to the meaning of each work. 'Heard that a few days ago to have a small statue, just want to let him feel the artistic atmosphere, look at the end of visual art. 'On the same day, show the characteristics of xinjiang, Lin zexu, epic janggar twelve warriors' and so on more than 120 small sculpture to meet with the local citizens in urban culture square. It is understood that the ten-day said 'beautiful xinjiang, model into' good little sculpture exhibition is 'at the foot of the tianshan mountains - Plastic said xinjiang 'national excellent to figurine works the first tour series of activities. According to tacheng prefecture municipal party committee standing committee, minister of the propaganda department of ChanXiaoMei, preparations for the exhibition after more than six months time, several times during the figurines artists throughout the country invited to tour into creation. 'To further dig into the humanities, history, local conditions and customs, this is also make silk road economic belt culture into the highlands and ariel Sharon, the important measures to let more people into the tuscaloosa, understanding into. Thermal wood · vomit, 'and' man grandma is the work of the prototype, I'd like to call for more people to walk into this love group, let everybody understand the loving tuscaloosa. 'Xinjiang local figurine artist wang hong said, after a lot of visiting prototype characters, with nearly two months to finish writing. 'The whole composition shape is oval, there are four children around her, very warm, want to let more people know about tacheng prefecture. 'In the exhibition, there will be 20 pieces was selected in tower city. According to xinjiang figurines to secretary general Chen tiger hu, exhibited works are based on into topics such as history and culture, folk custom to creation. 'Will tour around the states in xinjiang, the artist's work is delivered to the door, the infection around the masses through work. 'Tacheng prefecture region has a rich artistic and cultural resources, unique local culture becomes the fertile soil for many artists, tower city mayor of vice secretary of municipal party committee, government, I said, if a man these figurines works in the local people feel the cultural charm at the same time, aesthetic temperament and interest has been promoted. 'With the help of small sculpture the cultural carrier, also will push into the prosperity of cultural and artistic creation, strengthen urban culture, strengthen the tower city cultural exchange center of the silk road economic belt. ”
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