Good news spread frequently, Bruker won two 'potential brand' awards in a row

by:Ennas      2022-02-06
Recently, the Bruco building block brand has won two major media awards in a row, namely the 2020 China Most Potential New Brand Top100 issued by Inspur New Consumption and the 2021 Marketing Potential Brand issued by the New List Conference. This is the authoritative new media counter to the cloth. The brand power and marketing power of Luke children's building blocks are highly recognized. On March 21st, focusing on recording the new consumer business history and deep thinking about the industry’s future, the strong new media wave and new consumption, combined with more than 30 top consumer investment institutions to select the 2020 China’s Most Potential New Brand Top100 Award, children’s building block expert Bru Can be on the list with excellent market reputation and media evaluation. Inspur New Consumption believes that the potential brands represented by Bruker Building Blocks have strong first-mover advantages and innovation capabilities in terms of product innovation, brand building, traffic operation, organization management and other core elements; , The large-scale growth path also has unique leading value for sub-industry. 2020 China's Most Potential New Brands Top 100 Lifestyle List Complete List On March 27, the New List Conference, known as the Oscar of the New Media, was held in Hangzhou. Bruco Blocks won the annual marketing through continuous deepening of global marketing. Potential Brand Award. The Bruker children's building block brand can stand out among the new consumer brands blooming, and it is inseparable from the purpose of always following the user's point of view and effectively solving the user's pain points. With the changes in the people and goods yard, Bruker children's building blocks continue to enhance user value and actively integrate into new media and new traffic. Through the mainstream platforms under the new Internet environment such as Douyin, Xiaohongshu, WeChat, etc., with high-quality content as the starting point, combined with the multi-play and contact matrix of talents planting grass, bringing goods, live broadcast, and effect delivery, etc. Effectively communicate, influence and interact with the younger generation of treasure parents and children's audiences, and continue to accumulate the crowd assets belonging to the brand. In addition, Bruker Building Blocks also tried a variety of content marketing methods, with the help of large IP and large traffic for brand implantation. Strategic cooperation with CCTV Variety Show and Watermelon Video to help Guofeng Variety Show 'Go Live!' Huacai Boys' strengthens Bruker’s impression of the No. 1 brand of domestic products for children’s building blocks; it also launched a customized micro-variety show 'Bruck Magic Class' on Youku Children’s and Parent-child Channels, with a new generation of celebrity parents and parenting experts popularizing science building blocks. The puzzle gameplay conveys the concept of efficient companionship. In the future, Bruker Building Blocks will continue to work hard, continue to consolidate the brand positioning of children's building block experts, launch more new building blocks that are truly suitable for children, and reach more children and influence more mothers through global marketing and high-quality content dissemination. Let the domestic product brand created in China enter more families and accompany more children's happy childhood!
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