Golden October, the pineapple tree appeared shiningly at the CTE China Toy Fair. Welcome to consult!

by:Ennas      2022-01-26
Today is the second day of the 2020 Shanghai CTE Toy Fair. The exhibition site is extremely hot and popular. The pineapple tree appeared in a bright golden yellow. Now let's go to the exhibition hall to have a look! Pineapple canteen, pineapple balance scale, pineapple lantern sword, spinach space roaming, curling ball, pineapple race high, mini wrench, sterilizing spray, camping suit, super tuner, anti-biting top, Luohan stacking tower, Pineapple building tables, Somata, balance maze, plastic crayon toys, fruit and vegetable building blocks, exquisite drums, cartoon cloth books, pineapple barbecue grills, elf travelers, clown stacks, etc. all appeared. Look at the products. The high-energy warning in the front, captures the freshly baked building blocks to build toys, as well as the products placed in the showcase, which are rich and diverse, very attracting attention. The booth of the popular pineapple tree was surrounded by many groups of customers visiting the exhibition. Many onlookers no longer quietly eat melons and watch, but all gear up, get hands and have a good experience! The warm and bright pineapple yellow reflects the professional and accomplished pineapple tree booth. What surprises will this time bring us? The booth of the pineapple tree is simple and generous, but the toys on the display stand are diverse and dazzling. Every friend who passes by will be attracted by it and stop to play. In the new product of pineapple tree, it is no longer imitating traditional toys, focusing on creating fun for children, but focusing more on the cultivation and improvement of children's aesthetics, logic, brainpower, and creativity, and in accordance with the 8core concept, comprehensively improve children Literacy. Because of strength, so attention. After seeing this lively and extraordinary scene, do you feel itchy, want to come to the exhibition site to check it out? The excitement continues! Coordinates: Shanghai New International Expo Center Booth No.: N1E81 Exhibition time: October 21-23, 2020 Interested friends, come and experience!
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