'Golden Cat Claw' professionally creates toys belonging to cats

by:Ennas      2021-11-26

Local time, January 20, 2014, Germany, a German design company launched a special customized service to transform your home into a luxury playground for cats. This company is called Goldtatze, which translates as 'Golden Cat's ClawHere is a paradise for local tyrant cats. Those catwalks, cat hammocks, suspension bridges, and claw sharpeners made of tree branches are all high-end and high-end, so that your baby cats can enjoy playing at home. Stefan Hofmann, the founder of 'Golden Cat's ClawNature, then I will find a way to let nature come to my apartment.” At the beginning, Stefan made a claw sharpener for him and his girlfriend’s cat from branches. In the next few months, they Some other cat furniture were built one after another, until finally the entire hall was turned into a cat playground.
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