Go Pikachu! 2015 Pokemon World Cup

by:Ennas      2021-11-05
Core tip: The 2015 Pokemon World Cup was held in Boston last weekend. One is a real-life card game. The game used is 'Pokemon' that we usually play on various handhelds or game consoles. Although you cannot take your Pikachu to participate in the Quartz League tournament, you can still participate in the Pokemon World Series. The 2015 Pokemon World Cup was held in Boston last weekend and ended in the early hours of Monday morning local time.   The entire competition is divided into two parts. One is a real-life card game. Players use cards similar to the game king to fight between Pokemon. It has been held for 12 sessions and only players are invited to participate. Compared with the general public, it is the electronic game event that is more familiar to the public, which is currently the seventh.  In the Pokemon video game competition, the game used is the 'Pokemon' that we usually play on various handhelds or game consoles. The game used in the 2015 Pokemon Video Game World Cup was the remake of the 'Pokemon: Ruby' and 'Pokemon: Sapphire' that were released in November last year and were widely acclaimed worldwide. Everyone can participate in electronic game competitions, and are divided into elementary, intermediate and advanced groups according to their ages for points competition. The person with the highest points will enter the official schedule together with the invited players. It is worth mentioning that there are really many elementary school students participating in the competition.     Pokemon World Cup video game match site   Just like Xiaozhi, players can also bring their own Pokemon to participate in the game. However, unlike Xiaozhi when he played three Pokemon one-on-one in the Quartz League competition, the actual Pokemon game uses a two-player battlefield mode. Players can use and control two Pokemon at the same time. Except for some bug-level Pokemon that are officially banned, such as Dream, Ultra Dream, and Sherabi, players can use any Pokemon they like to appear on the stage. All Pokemon level 51 and above will be synchronized to level 50. Players can also use some of the officially allowed boosters-in fact, it is like a two-player challenge or a stadium challenge in the game, but you are not facing a computer , It's just a person in reality.   At present, the card game competition has ended, and the electronic game finals are still in progress. Basically, no matter what the group finals, there are Japanese (sure enough, it is a national game). The champion of the video game event will receive a total prize of 10,000 US dollars, and the champion of the card game will receive a total prize of 25,000 US dollars. The bonus is not too much, but there is still such a sense of pride: I have truly become a Pokémon master!
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