Global 'year-end shopping season': Australians still love traditional toys for Christmas shopping

by:Ennas      2021-11-22

The Australian retail industry predicts that during this Christmas period, national sales will be 42 billion yuan, and about one-fifth of Australians plan to buy communication equipment this Christmas, and tablet computers are highly regarded. Although electronic products are ' learned from the report of 'New Fast Australia' on November 25 that electronic products have been in the gift list of Australians during holidays. In addition, discounted smartphones, smart TVs and laptops are also popular this year.   The Australian Retail Industry Association (ARA) also pointed out that game consoles, iPads and other tablets, as well as mobile phones are all hot items during this Christmas period. During the Christmas shopping season in 2011 and 2012, sales of computer hardware and software were also very good. Experts predict that this trend will continue this year, and sales may increase by 40%. ARA managing director Russell Zimmerman said that both Sony's PlayStation 4 and Microsoft's xbox one will be available before the end of November. This point of time is aimed at consumers who start Christmas shopping early. He said: 'Although these are two similar game consoles, the interesting thing is that there are nearly twice as many consumers interested in buying PlayStation 4 than xbox one.' Zimmerman expects from November 14 to December 25 In Japan, retail sales in Australia will reach 42.1 billion yuan, an increase of 3.3% from 40.7 billion yuan in the same period last year.   Although the market has also launched tablet computers for children, there is still a lot of market space for traditional toys. For example, the 'Empire Edition' Monopoly, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) model, and LEGO bricks (LEGO), etc., are all in the Kmart supermarket chain this year’s hot list, and the other hot products on the list include Water gun and roller skates. The trend of children’s toys towards high-tech is becoming more and more obvious. Toy company Hasbro’s Christmas toys list includes Furby and Big Hugs Elmo. ), My Giggly Monkey, as well as computer game metronome (BOP it), Tetris and Angry Bird Star Wars Telepods, etc.   Many fruit fans are interested in buying ipad air or ipad mini with retina screen during Christmas. The iPhone 5S launched in September is also tickling. The ipod shuffle, priced at only 55 yuan, is also a product that many people are eager to get.   The new players in the tablet market include Microsoft’s Surface 2 and Google’s Nexus 7, as well as Amazon’s Kindle series. China’s Lenovo also has new products on the market. In terms of smartphones, consumers like Samsung’s Galaxy Note3, Google’s Nexus 5, the upcoming HTC Max, and Sony’s waterproof model Xperia Z1.   Shoppers who feel that these tablets or smart phones are not enough to be unconventional, may wish to take a look at the newly emerging smart watches, such as Samsung’s Galaxy Gear and Sony’s SmartWatch 2.   Christmas is approaching, where are the most affordable products? learned that:, a leading global online service provider, announced the world’s most favorable Christmas gift purchase location. Finally, China’s treasure island, Taiwan, stood out from 29 countries/regions and became the most affordable Christmas gift purchase Destinations, followed by Japan, Argentina and South Korea, and Brazil became the most expensive city on the shopping list. The list of Christmas gifts selected by for everyone is also worth considering:   1, IPad Air  2, IPad with retina display3, women's leather gloves4, Jean Paul Gaultier nude men perfume (75ml)  5, Calvin Klein socks6 , IPhone 5S  7, Chloe by Chloe Perfume (75ml)  8, Spiderman Lunchbox 9, Susan Boyle (Susan Boyle) Home for Christmas Album 10, Barbie Dream House 11, Chasing Love Season 7 12, Levis 501s (Male Straight jeans)    13, a full set of Harry Potter novels (1-7 episodes)
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