'Glass city' Lu Chi glass works of art exhibition will be held in Shanghai ( This Mosaic)

by:Ennas      2020-06-15
Good at use glass's unique language to express the talented artist Lu Chi Chinese culture, it will use her pure and bright a group work, in Shanghai's fashionable modern interpretation for the life you see wear or not wear of city life. November 19 solstice December 2, Shanghai fashion cultural landmark launch big Shanghai times square 'glass city' Lu Chi glass works of art, with the Shanghai urban men and women at a glass figurine art that glittering and translucent get rid of the 'whole' of color, and realize the cultural characteristics and aesthetic purport in today's world. Active in today's international glass art Lu Chi young female artists, is China's first glass art professional master degree, to the world famous New York after corning museum of glass studio continues to pursue advanced studies, and national liberation, the museum has a long-term cooperation with the United States, its glass figurines work has been exhibited in many important international exhibitions. With glass unique art language to express the modern Chinese city culture, is the 'glass city' the theme of the exhibition. , each work has its story and Lu Chi wants to convey to the world through the exquisite glass information, including love, friendship, dreams, courage, as well as to the time and the thinking of life theme. On November 19, Next Thursday) Late 18:30, will be held in market 2 floors 'glass city' Lu Chi exhibition opening ceremony.
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