Gifts in the workplace, smart can give good popularity

by:Ennas      2022-02-13

Gift-giving is commonplace in officialdom, as well as in the workplace, but sometimes it’s for the sake of being alone and not as good as the others, sometimes it’s to draw the relationship closer, and sometimes it’s to share souvenirs. Of course, gifts are also distributed to superiors, subordinates, and colleagues. How to give it, I will teach you how to give gifts and recruit people in the workplace!   ask for help:    help me! At the end of this holiday, I have to bring a gift to each of my five colleagues and my boss. My budget is so tight that I can't afford too expensive gifts. But I don't want the gifts I give out to look terribly cheap. what do I do? Everyone knows the old saying that gift is lighter and affection is more important. But it seems that in today’s economic environment, this sentence has a new meaning, doesn’t it? If affection is really more important than gift, it would be great!    Yes, Modern people are almost always under pressure due to the expenses of interpersonal communication during their spare time and holidays. However, for gifts, it really does not lie in how much money you spend, but in your mind-you are in a share. How much thought has been spent on gifts.  In this case, you should first avoid those too common things. Gifts exchanged at work should also be more professional. Why do you do this? Here is an answer for you, even if you and The relationship between colleagues and bosses is really close, almost like a family, and you should pay more attention.  1. First of all, you can’t maintain the same degree of intimacy with everyone in the office, so if you buy and get a gift for everyone 'A gift from a friend:  2. Secondly, it is very difficult to figure out what kind of gifts everyone likes. In case the gift you gave to a colleague surprised her,' she yelled out, while the gift to another person was not at all intriguing. Wouldn’t that kind of scene be too embarrassing.    So, pour It’s better to prepare the same gift for everyone, or write targeted blessings on the simple package at the same time. The specific method is as follows:    Workplace Gifting Rules 1. For example, a pen.    Engrave every pen. The name of a colleague, this is a very useful, unique and professional gift. And such a gift will never bankrupt you. This pen can be bought in many gift shops, and the store will also provide engraving services, which is very convenient   Gift-giving rules in the workplace 2. A small leather-covered notepad.    Many notebooks now have a mezzanine for pens and business cards, so as to store some temporary business cards. Such notepads are used in meetings or work dinners. It is convenient to take it out for recording at any time. Generally speaking, these small notebooks are more functional than aesthetics, but you still have a lot of options, such as choosing a small notebook of different colors for each colleague.    Workplace Gifts Rule 3. Why not give your boss a pot of green plants?    For people who sit in the office all the year round, a pot of plants is definitely the best gift. Of course, you can make this gift more creative.    Whether you end up Decide what the gift is, don’t forget to attach a small card at the same time, write down what you want to say specifically to this person. Thank you to those who have been with you through the years of work for many years, it’s best Can mention some very special things. Let your boss know that you are very grateful for his support for your work. Finally, don’t forget to express your blessings for your colleagues to have a happy vacation.    Pay special attention when choosing cards , There can’t be those signs and words like Christmas, New Year’s, Birthday, Valentine’s Day. After all, the gifts you give have nothing to do with these festivals. Sending the wrong card will make people feel that you are not careful enough. If you are just acting in a perfunctory manner, then your painstaking efforts will be in vain.
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