Gift shop promotions should match product positioning

by:Ennas      2022-02-08

Gift shops often try to increase store sales through some promotional activities, but they often fail to sell during promotional activities. Promotions require certain strategies, so how to promote terminal consumption through promotional strategies?   When promoting sales, the selected promotional products must conform to the company's market positioning. If the positioning is not accurate, it will be counterproductive. Companies should ensure that they want to promote sales without damaging product positioning. In marketing, there is a 'golden pricing law' law, which follows the idea that product promotion must always work hard to tap the potential of customers. Companies can increase the added value of products by improving services and give back to old customers who buy more products. At the same time, companies should also note that ultra-low price promotions will give regular customers a psychological contrast. Similarly, products that are originally low-priced products will also arouse many consumers’ suspicions if they are to be discounted. Having positioning, grasping the degree, after passing, it will endanger the product positioning, and it will undoubtedly fail.  Before the promotion, the company should first clarify the following issues, which will increase the chance of success in the promotion. One is based on the specific industry The attributes determine the consumer groups and formulate effective promotion plans for the product. The second is to clarify which stage of the market the product belongs to, whether it is the first stage of the market, the development stage or the platform stage. Each stage has different strategies. The market entry period needs to attract attention and develop. The period needs market share, and the platform period needs long-lasting profits. In the recession period, extreme methods can be used to stimulate the market, which can not only obtain benefits, but also squeeze competitors. The third is to determine the product positioning, whether it is a low-priced product or a high-end product. Regardless of the promotion, the positioning of the product cannot be changed. If the positioning is reversed, it is better not to promote it.    In short, the popularity and timing of the promotion are the most important. As long as the company locates the promotion accurately and seizes the right opportunity, it can promote The effect of sales.
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