Gift selection methods and gifting skills for Chinese New Year gifts

by:Ennas      2022-02-13

Giving gifts during the Spring Festival is a tradition of the Chinese nation. Choosing gifts for the Spring Festival not only entrusts the courtesy and respect to the recipients, but also gives the recipients a deeper love for health gifts. It can be seen that the choice of gifts for the Spring Festival is not so casual, and it is necessary to fully understand each gift, and finally choose the right and healthy gifts to express their care and greetings to the recipient. Since the gifts given must be healthy, of course, they also need to be decent and consistent with their own identity, so there is something to say when choosing gifts. Every year to the end of the year, many people will encounter the Spring Festival to give gifts to customers, but don’t know how to give them. The problem is the same every year.' The gift-giver will be annoying, and the gift-receiver will be even more annoying. It will also affect the relationship to give gifts to customers. So whether or not the gift is given is a big problem. Giving gifts to customers, You must first understand what your customers like. If your customer is a person who knows life well, you should give some elegant gifts!    Methods and principles for buying gifts during the Spring Festival 1. Choose high-quality gifts When choosing gifts, Note that you must choose high-quality items at all times. When choosing one of the two, you must choose the best quality. Among the many selected items, you should choose the most prominent and attractive one at the time. If If it is an item that can be stored forever, it is even more important to choose the one with good quality, which is convenient for the other party to store for a long time. In addition to the basic requirements such as no scratches and dirt, the gift needs to have a certain appreciation.    2. Whether it is in your own Within the budget, at the beginning of gift giving, you must first prepare a budget. Giving too expensive gifts will also become a burden for the recipient of the gift. On the contrary, gifts that are too cheap also need to be carefully considered according to different times and occasions. Whether it is appropriate. Make a budget in advance, and then find a suitable gift within the budget. As a basic etiquette for gifting, you should not disclose the price of the gift to the other party.    3. Whether the number of gifts is appropriate, you must consider when giving gifts Whether the quantity will become a burden on the other party, we should choose the right quantity according to different people. Because the key to determining the quality of a gift is not quantity but quality. Sometimes, just a greeting can make the other party feel more warm, and a large bouquet of flowers It's like talking to the other person about their inner feelings. Giving gifts to the same person multiple times may make the other person feel burdened, but some people think that receiving gifts every time they meet is the greatest joy!    4. It is enough to have gifts Fate is divided into choosing the gift you want. Most people will unexpectedly buy it, but it is often difficult to find a suitable gift. In this case, don’t just use other items instead. When you can’t find a suitable gift, you might as well do not. Send. Cherish the fate between gifts, and often meet at the most appropriate time' the gift is exactly what the other party needs, so sometimes it is very important to wait for the best fate. Gifts do not have to be formal, but can also be intangibles such as concert tickets, movie tickets, or dinners. As an experience, it will leave an indelible impression in the memory of the recipient of the gift. Sometimes you can sensitively grasp what the other party needs and give them an invisible gift that will be kept in memory forever. 5. Can you feel the joy of giving gifts? Looking for gifts, choosing gifts, wrapping gifts, giving gifts... Until the gift is handed over to the other party, the whole process is full of fun. Can you experience the fun at every stage? ? Only gifts from the heart can be happy. This thing is too expensive, what should I do? 'Everyone gives gifts, and I should give one too!' If you are bothered by these thoughts, just wait and give it. Wait until the joy and happiness of giving and giving are in your heart, then prepare to give gifts.
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