Gift promotion skills: Gift experience increases transaction rate

by:Ennas      2022-02-12

It is not difficult to find that there is a normal cycle in the current terminal sales': it is normal to have gifts, but it is abnormal to have no gifts. It can be seen that gifts play an important role in the terminal. Gifts are free, and we do It is often called a gift or promotional gift. Its main function is promotion. If the customer feels that the gift is not attractive to him, or the gift does not play a promotional role, then the gift loses the meaning of promotion. Then how to improve the promotional gift Efficacy is the key.  Many times, customers are hesitant to make purchase decisions. At this time, you throw out the temptation of gifts, and the customer seems unmoved. Even if the customer buys the product, you give him a gift, and he says no, this It’s also quite emotional for shopping guides. Once, a shopping guide from Nature Floor gave the customer a box of prayer beads, saying that it was a gift for you. The customer saw that such a simple thing was taken back and there was no place to put it. Just say don’t don’t. The shopping guide was hit hard.    Another shopping guide is very smart. She said, eldest sister, this is a buddhist bead made of precious Brazilian wood, which exudes harmony and puts it at home or wears it on your hand. , Bring you good luck, the whole family is safe and happy. The customer is happy when he hears it, and put it away immediately. It can be seen that a gift given to the customer must also be made reasonable, and the meaning of a gift should be given to the gift. I don’t know, gifts also need to be experienced. This is an era of experience economy, which is beyond doubt. But we often only focus on the experience of the product itself and the shopping environment, and do not reflect the experience of promotional gifts. The experience of gifts is to let customers experience the practical usefulness and spiritual meaning of gifts, so that customers like gifts, and play a real promotional role. We often listen to customers, I don’t want this gift, and you give me 100 yuan cheaper.    at this time The witty shopping guide said, this is no good. This is stipulated by our company. This is a gift from the gift company. Even if you don’t want it, you can’t get a discount. But even if the shopping guide says that, many customers will not buy your order. Then the shopping guide should How to do it? A necessary method is to experience the gift, and immediately draw the customer's attention to the efficacy and spirit of the gift.    Gift promotion skills in sales: There is a well-known reason that the gift experience increases the transaction rate. The customer is in the store. The longer the stay, the higher the chance of a transaction. Therefore, many sales staff always try to improve the customer’s stay time in the store. One is to let the customer know more about the product; the other is to narrow the distance with the customer. , To gain the trust of customers; the third is to reduce the opportunity for customers to go to competitors.    In fact, gift experience is a process that takes time, which will undoubtedly extend the stay time of customers and greatly increase the transaction rate. Therefore, no matter from the perspective of experience or From the perspective of time stay, gift experience should be given full attention and attention, which is extremely important for improving gift promotion and exerting promotion skills.
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