Gift promotion should be treated differently for segmented customers

by:Ennas      2022-02-12

Nowadays, more and more gift distributors complain that competition is fierce and business is difficult to do. Doing promotional activities is looking for death, and if you don't do it, you are waiting for death. Is it true that the current dealers really only have two options: 'finding death' or 'waiting for death'? Although this statement is serious, it reflects the current plight of the gift industry distributors.   This year’s Christmas, New Year’s Day and other holidays are also the period when many gift dealers have the greatest discounts and promotions. In some shopping malls, '50% offIn the past, discount activities have already started, and the discounts are very strong, but the market response is not strong, and the customer's enthusiasm for buying is not high. '   Why don't consumers pay for such a vigorous discount promotion? A marketing expert in the gift industry explained: Generally speaking, customers can be roughly divided into the following five categories: the first category, customers who like the brand’s products very much; the second category, the customers who don’t like the brand’s products; the third category, who likes The brand’s products are also customers who have purchasing power but feel that the price-performance ratio is not appropriate; the fourth category, customers who like the brand’s products but have other better choices; the fifth category, they like the brand’s products but can’t buy Customers. '   From the above analysis, it is not difficult to see that the first type of customers are merchants who do not need to promote but also purchase behavior, the second type of customers are ineffective no matter how the merchant promotes, and the fifth type of customers belong to store sales. 'Junk customers in ChinaTherefore, only the third and fourth types of customers can really stimulate purchase behavior through price cuts or promotions.   It can be seen that some customers will take the initiative to purchase gift shops without promotion, and some customers are useless no matter how the merchant promotes. Therefore, discounts or promotions are not effective for all consumers. Gift distributors must clearly divide the brand’s customer base before designing promotional solutions to achieve a targeted.
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