Gift industry star endorsements don’t become addicted

by:Ennas      2022-02-07

Celebrity endorsements are not uncommon in today's flood of advertising. The promotion of industries and brands has more or less used celebrity endorsements, and the endorsements of celebrity brands have become more and more intense. Nowadays, the gift industry has also caught the celebrity endorsement train. The first-tier superstars, the second-tier movie stars, and the third-tier singers gather together, which can be described as shining stars.” It is undeniable that celebrity endorsements are a powerful measure to quickly open up brand awareness. But at the same time, celebrity endorsements also have huge risks due to the variability of celebrity images. Therefore, gift companies should not become addicted to celebrity endorsements when fulfilling their brand dreams.   Celebrity endorsements are by no means a golden stone.'  一An industry insider once said in an interview that if you don’t find one or two celebrity endorsements, you can’t stand up in the industry.” In recent years, celebrity endorsements in the gift industry have almost become the norm.” A few companies even suffer from celebrity dependence. 'In the eyes of industry insiders, celebrity endorsements can have the effect of rapid development and icing on the cake, but they are by no means a golden stone.'  On the one hand, the star image crisis is not easy to control. Because as a star, there are many right and wrong, and it is easy for all kinds of right and wrong that attract public attention, and the news is endless, which makes enterprises hard to guard against. Therefore, celebrity endorsements are also unpredictable. For gift companies, if the choice is in place and the spread is active, it can naturally achieve excellent publicity effects, promote consumer purchases, and increase brand sales; It will have a negative impact, and the gains outweigh the losses. On the other hand, if there are too many celebrity endorsement products, it will also have a dilution effect.' For example, in the celebrity endorsement data collected by industry insiders, Fan Bingbing alone has endorsed dozens of brands. Although endorsement celebrities have exclusive agreements, Its information is extremely scattered. Under the fierce publicity of other endorsement products, it is difficult to connect with the endorsement star in the minds of consumers, or even confuse each other, resulting in a decline in endorsement effectiveness and enterprises making useless investments.  Gift company celebrity endorsements are risky  From the above, it can be seen that asking celebrities to endorse is risky. Therefore, when gift companies choose celebrity spokespersons, they must consider several questions: First, why companies should choose celebrity spokespersons, whether they want to increase corporate reputation or increase product sales; second, what brand spokespersons should the company choose; After choosing the star, the company's future strategy hopes to develop according to expectations and so on.  A star is just a spokesperson for an enterprise to interpret a certain stage of the brand concept or part of the company's product line such as the main product. If gift companies want to ask celebrities to endorse, they must act cautiously. In short, regardless of whether the celebrity endorses it or not, the gold content of the brand, the quality of the service, the quality of the product and other factors are the focus of investment and development.
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