Gift companies have to do differentiated promotional programs

by:Ennas      2022-02-10

The promotion of promotional activities in the gift industry has become more and more intense, which has caused the public gift companies to fall into a vicious circle of promotion, promotion, sales at a promotion, big sales, small sales, and no sales at all. Big, little rain'. So, how can gift companies make promotions effective and become an engine and weapon for manufacturers to effectively leverage the market? The answer is that gift promotion should be a differentiated marketing plan.  Differentiation of types  Broad promotions include at least four items: regular promotion, personnel promotion, advertising, and public relations. Gift companies can make promotional combinations, but don't be the same. When competitors are making regular purchases and specials, they may wish to do community promotion and professional staff promotion. Use this one-to-one communication to increase the chance of on-site sales. When competitors are also doing regular sales promotion and personnel promotion, they can increase customers’ awareness of the product through public announcements, increase customer loyalty to the brand, and guide or guide customers. Come to buy, of course, you can also publish advertisements in some media to open up group buying customers, or some special customers, such as government agencies, institutions, and so on. When competitors place more emphasis on commercialization in the design of sales promotion, they may wish to do some charity activities such as charity sales and donations. While improving the company’s reputation, it also establishes the company’s social responsibility image, thus invisibly, Enhance customers' goodwill towards the corporate brand and impress customers' weak heartstrings. The common promotion forms of different forms include specials, discounts, buy gifts, free trials, prize contests, sweepstakes, scratch cards, etc. In addition, there are also some new forms of promotion, such as joint promotion, that is, different companies or Brands have similar markets or customer groups. By adopting a strong alliance, each other's products are used as gifts or additional products, and finally a way to achieve low-cost marketing.   There are also derivative promotions. You buy one form of product and give you another form of product. For example, in some beauty salons, after you purchase beauty products, you can give you beauty services and so on. There are many forms of promotion we can choose, but we have to differentiate as much as possible from our competitors.  Content differentiation  If the promotion form really cannot avoid homogeneity when holding promotional activities, then gift companies should try their best to differentiate in content. For example, it is the same as buying gifts, which can differentiate from competitors in the type and quantity of gifts, and at the same time, it can also be used for serial promotions. What is a serial promotion? It is the superposition of the same promotion form or the accumulation of different promotion forms. For example, when you buy a set of products, in addition to enjoying discounts, you will also give small gifts. If you reach a certain amount, you can also enjoy a lottery, etc., this kind of serial promotion, It satisfies the customer's psychology of embezzlement or conformity. Therefore, with proper planning and attractive gifts, a better pulling effect can be achieved.  Theme Differentiation   Promotional theme is the soul of promotion, and it is the sublimation and summary of the ultimate meaning of promotion. In the implementation of promotion, we should try to extract high-level promotion themes. For example, when a gift company makes promotions on holidays, the theme is: gratitude and rewards friends, XX gives big giftsThe theme of 'grateful for the society and customers' makes customers feel the strong human touch of this company. Therefore, it is easy to resonate with customers and attract their trust in the company and brand. There are also rebates, rewards, public welfare, etc., as the promotion theme, but no matter how it is summarized, in the end, it must be measured and evaluated based on the actual effect, that is, the comprehensive economic and social benefits. In addition, gift companies can differentiate from their competitors in terms of time selection, location of promotion, allocation of resources, etc., to form their own unique competitive advantages and better play the push and pull effect of promotion. . Only when gift companies find real differentiation in their promotional solutions, can they truly exert their promotional effects.
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