Giant Christmas tree appears in London, patched by Disney toys

by:Ennas      2021-11-07
According to a report by the US 'Huffington Post' on November 15, recently, a 45-foot (approximately 14 meters) Christmas tree was exhibited at St Pancras Railway Station in London, England. The Christmas tree was completely produced by Disney. A patchwork of plush toys, including many beloved characters such as Peter Pan, Mickey Mouse and the Lion King Simba. What’s more interesting is that Disney’s beauty villain series also appeared. Let’s see if you know these beauty villains:    'Sleeping Beauty'-Marlene Fisson, 'Alice in Wonderland'-Queen of Hearts, 'Mermaid'-Sea Witch Ursula, Bad Queen in 'Snow White. (Internship Compiler: Ding Tian Reviewer: Zhu Yingku)
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