'Getting a new lease' chaozhou woodcarving _ figurine skills

by:Ennas      2021-10-25
Core tip: grain carving crab basket ( Modern) , won the third prize of the 1957 world youth festival art exhibition on carving 'seven sages duty' recess door knocked up ( Qing) On the beam characters carved ( The late Ming dynasty) Under the financial storm, carved crab basket ( Modern) , won the third prize of the 1957 world youth festival art exhibition on carving 'seven sages duty' recess door knocked up ( Qing) On the beam characters carved ( The late Ming dynasty) The collection of market under the financial storm there was a strange phenomenon: long-term market boom were snubbed woodcarving, especially in chaozhou woodcarving became a collection enthusiasts love. At the recent domestic auction, former outstanding chaozhou woodcarving work should not photographed hundreds of thousands of yuan, individual masterpieces as high as one million yuan. Before it is unthinkable, it is no wonder that collectors said: chaozhou woodcarving 'deadwood again meet spring'. Recently, the price haven't reflect value journalists to chaozhou, understand the woodcarving market, by the way, found that chaozhou woodcarving price has more than doubled in the last few years. A 50 cm wide, 79 centimeters tall carving with 18 three kingdoms characters of the republic of China era stone carving, less than 1000 yuan can buy home in 2005, now offers 8000 yuan, the boss will not sell. In a hidden in the alley chaozhou woodcarving collection store, reporter saw a woodcarving collectors zhao from guangzhou to new goods. He said: 'chaozhou woodcarving nearly 10 years of innovation ability is very strong, compared with 2008, the current prices rose more than 50%. In spite of this, chaozhou woodcarving also did not reflect the real value of technology. 'Mr. Zhao is the shantou people, grew up in chaoshan' mountain tiger 'house, the house Windows are fine woodcarving, since the childhood infatuation with wood carving. Ten years ago started to play the collection, the main collection chaozhou woodcarving. Nowadays, guangzhou home placed dozens of chaozhou woodcarving work, there are round, heavy carving, relief, and the unique multi-level carve works. Before Mr. Zhao said, back is very cheap, you will be received about one thousand hundred yuan a contentment woodcarving, not thousands or even tens of thousands of yuan, now don't buy 'good heart'. Chaozhou woodcarving talented person chaozhou woodcarving, it is the unique arts and crafts in China gardens, and dongyang woodcarving, boxwood carving, fujian longan woodcarving island in the world together. Although expensive for wood carving craft, chaozhou woodcarving market development in recent years, or can't be compared with the other two woodcarving especially fujian woodcarving. 'Both in production and output lags far behind others. 'Chaozhou woodcarving art research center, said an official. Investigate its reason, mainly is the chaozhou woodcarving talented person. It is said, in the 1970 s was the peak of chaozhou woodcarving, wood carving factory has more than 200 technicians, and at present in the market for small workshops, which has high craft level is less than 30. Another is the most traditional classical woodcarving in chaozhou woodcarving crab basket, the annual production of 500 pieces, however, chaozhou completely unable to cope with the market demand. A many years engaged in wood business owner said, doing hard woodcarving, technical difficulty, such as crab basket, do woodcarving process hundreds of size, do an ordinary works fastest also want to a month time, if the cast is a few months, or even a year, but the price of selling only a few thousand yuan, even paid is not worth. So many young artisans not willing woodcarving work, resulting in good quality chaozhou woodcarving is out of stock, others are filled with the market. This is why the high quality of chaozhou woodcarving the reason of price rising. Gold lacquer woodcarving collection value higher Mr. Zhao said, collection of chaozhou woodcarving, had better collect a year, because the old woodcarving craft is more contemporary works. The second is the collection 'gold lacquer wood'. The so-called 'gold paint wood carving,' is the gold foil on the wooden surface, rather than using the goldwater painting, plus gold foil, gold lacquer woodcarving life than ordinary wood can prolong nearly a century. In chaozhou, with 'gold lacquer woodcarving put more valuable' 20 years, mainly because of the oxidation of gold foil after about 10 years began to recover, the ancient color in the surface. According to a return, understand art collectors at least 60% more willing to collect gold paint wood carving. Learned, chaozhou woodcarving collectors are more popular with people of subjects, mainly because of the character's engraving, craft difficulty bigger, its fine degree for painting of flowers and subject matter. With process difficulty person on general market subjects about 80% more expensive than the birds and flowers.
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