German preschool education pavilion breaks the ice in the Chinese market

by:Ennas      2021-12-20

Recently, the reporter learned from the China Toys and Baby Products Association and the Cologne Exhibition in Germany that Didacta, the German Association for Early Childhood Education, will organize a delegation to land in mainland China for the first time, relying on the Chinese Toys held at the Shanghai New International Expo Center on October 20-22, 2015. The expansion of the domestic preschool education market, such as the China Baby and Children Exhibition, will create a precedent for the international preschool education pavilion to appear in China's high-end exhibitions, and it is bound to create a new wave in the domestic preschool education field. The German Early Childhood Education Association Didacta is an internationally renowned educational supplies exhibition organization. The exhibition is held annually in Hanover, Cologne, and Munich. The exhibits cover all areas of teaching. The audience is mainly teachers. Each session is about 80,000. Pay to buy tickets for admission. In 2015, Didacta will organize world-renowned toy teaching aids, kindergarten construction, whiteboards, books, stationery brands, and technology companies in the field of early childhood education to make a new appearance in Shanghai. Domestic kindergarten directors and early childhood education channels can expand their international brand agency business without going abroad. At the same time, it also provides a rare opportunity for preschool education equipment procurement centers and preschool education academic research institutions in various provinces and cities to understand world trends. In addition to enjoying the original European preschool education products and brands, and feeling the rich European educational ideology, you can also listen to the unique preschool education seminars at the China Toy Fair. At that time, Professor Fthenakis, a scholar of the German Ministry of Education and Chairman of Didacta, will share the current status and future trends of preschool education in the world, while experts from world-renowned IT groups will travel through time and space and talk about the impact of technology on the preschool education market that we have never touched. At the same time, Shanghai Preschool Education The leaders of the competent department will share their successful experience, and the experts who are deeply involved in the front line of the enterprise will talk about the core of the competitiveness of the kindergarten by teaching toys, amusement equipment and language, and organize a group to visit the kindergarten with a pure German teaching style, and experience the European ancestry. In addition, cross-domain experts such as mobile internet and public relations will also give keynote speeches to promote thinking innovation in multiple dimensions and help grasp the new direction of industry development. In order to help kindergarten principals, early childhood education institutions and equipment center purchasing managers, preschool education supply distributors, shopping malls, resort hotels, parks, and real estate related planning and operation departments, and residential property managers, etc., they can keep abreast of new international brand information at any time, the organizer of the exhibition The China Toys and Baby Products Association launched the pre-registration system, log in to complete the pre-registration within 40 seconds, and regularly receive Didacta’s layout in the Chinese market The latest developments, relying on international brands to lead competitors to seize business opportunities in the preschool education market.
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