German media: 'Star Wars' new movie will save Chinese toy manufacturers

by:Ennas      2021-12-31
According to German media, the Chinese toy industry has benefited from the war, more precisely, from the continuation of 'Star Wars'. Before the seventh film of the 'Star Wars' series was released globally on the 15th, manufacturers of film peripheral products Already happy, and almost all of them are from China.   According to a report on the German 'Daily' website on December 14, 'The Force Awakens' is said to be the most popular movie in history. This is just the right time because the Chinese toy industry is in trouble. Although about 75% of the building blocks, dollhouses, Barbie dolls and other plastic dolls sold globally are still made in China, children’s interest in these toys is obviously not as great as 10 years ago. They prefer to play video games and their parents. Games on the smartphone.   reported that, in order to reverse this momentum, the Disney Group, which owns the 'Star Wars' brand, started advertising with great fanfare. Most of the group's products are made in China, and the private market research organization American Information Services Corporation said that by the end of this year alone, 'Star Wars' movie peripheral products will bring $3 billion in sales to the toy industry. The company said that after the recession from 2011 to 2013, this is a real dawn for the global toy industry. Only the US toy imports in 2015 will increase by about 11% compared to 2014. In Europe, toys will also sell well before Christmas.   The hot sales of toys around 'Star Wars' began on September 4 this year. On that day, Disney held the Force Friday promotion, launching the latest 'Star Wars' peripheral products around the world, such as laser swords, BB-8 robot models and so on. In the United States, customers lined up at the store's door early in the morning.   reported that in China, production is in full swing. Suppliers of the American toy group Hasbro have also been working overtime for months. The company said that even so, products will still be in short supply until Christmas. According to analysts from the US Information Services Corporation, China is still the world's number one toy manufacturer despite the obvious increase in wages. Other low-paying countries are far from keeping up with China's complete trade network.   Star Wars fever is also reflected in the utilization rate of container ships. In the years before 2009, China invested heavily in shipping and built super container ships capable of loading more than 20,000 containers. At that time, the Chinese and other large shipping companies placed their hopes on the continued improvement of world trade. But then the world economic crisis occurred, and the shipping industry has never recovered to its former glory. Now, China’s economic growth has also slowed down. China’s exports fell by 6.8% in November this year compared to the same period last year. Many freighters sailing across the ocean are not full of cargo. Market analysts say that the Star Wars fever can increase the utilization rate of container ships.   reported that this toy sales boom is said to last until at least next year. Chinese toy manufacturers have indicated that they continue to receive a large number of orders and have promised to hire more staff.   The eighth part of the 'Star Wars' series is expected to be released in the spring of 2017.     Data map: 'Star Wars' peripheral toys
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