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by:Ennas      2021-08-28
Summary: in recent years, as people growing love for jewelry, jade, jewelry market has formed a brisk trade market situation, but in the process of purchasing jewelry, unless you are professionals, common in recent years, as people growing love for jewelry, jade, jewelry market has formed a brisk trade market situation, but in the process of purchasing jewelry, unless you are professionals, ordinary citizens of jewelry authenticity identification ability is very limited, plus individual illegal jeweler deliberately confused concept, mislead consumers, consumer is deceived too. Chinese geological museum audience service for citizens are free to do all the year round appraisal, summarizes the following during the identification in a few years of several common buy jewelry is deceived. Journey to buy his tricks 'jewelry' more and more tourists overseas to buy jewelry, but visitors to buy jewelry, for the most part, are defective goods, fake. According to the geological museum audience service department head professor Yu Xiaojin said, 'there is a public wang will he buy in Singapore 1 ct 'emerald' get museum identification, customers, according to the 'famous emerald only spent 500 dollars. But when we told Mr Wang this is a synthetic emerald, Mr. Wang a face of surprise, in fact the synthetic emerald not worth so much, that is the price of ten dollars. 'Like this let the consumer is deceived examples abound. Emerald, diamond, jade, crystal of this kind of popular in high-grade gem the most easy to counterfeit. Natural jade due to the increasingly scarce resources, the price is also growing, driven by shoddy, the interests of the individual businesses in with cheap price to attract consumers. Generally this price does not conform to the market, mostly with some is lower than the price of emerald and jade again more similar jade to pretend to be, the most common is water, dongling, jade, Malay jade, etc. ; Or bad quality of jadeite jade processing into 'jade bleaching filling glue' ( Commonly known as B goods) And 'dyed jadeite ( Commonly known as C cargo) 'As natural A cargo emeralds. Some consumers due to lack of the authenticity of common sense, or covet is cheap and often got infected, although there are many specialized jewelry inspection agencies, but the vast majority of consumers because of the trouble or suspicion testing costs money, some even don't know about inspection agencies, often give up about the detection of jewelry, this gives the poor a jeweler. Expert proposal, can go to such as Chinese geological museum audience service institutions to make a free appraisal, whether they will guide you need to certificate issued by the relevant professional institutions to safeguard their own interests. That need to be alert to larger discount jewelry goods reporter found in the visit, is at present a lot of jewelry dealers to discounts to attract consumers. Jade jewelry, for example, one to holiday shopping mall to do propaganda activity originally by 8 fold the sale of products, some stores in the 3 - 4 fold, or less, make customer is confused about what to do. In the face of all kinds of price of 'surprise' let a person have to doubt, many consumer often can't easily pay, worried that gullible. The personage inside course of study tells a reporter, jewelry jade don't actually like apparel, seasonal goods, after out-of-season need through at a discount in stock, jewelry, jade has a certain value appreciation of function, there are few businessmen will be willing to part with or use a discount or distressed sales. So, to a large extent be discounted became false hoodwink consumers' behavior. For example, some businesses will diamond ring price of original price 2000 yuan to 5000 yuan, after the 5 discount can sell for 2500 yuan, many consumers see such incentives, can move, so on the undesirable businessman trap. Businesses should advocate firm offers sales, seriously discount problem, ban cheat consumers. In response to a reporter learned that, Chinese geological museum audience service '3 · 15 international consumer rights protection day', on March 13 - 15, invited to CCTV treasure column identification of well-known experts and professors, experts and the industry's seat answering questions for our jewelry jade collector identification. Expert introduction, a geology professor at Peking University professor wang jiaqi, treasure CCTV columns expert guo-zhong wu, a professor at the China university of geosciences jewelry, director of the institute is engaged in jewelry, jade, ornamental stones study appraisal work for 40 years. Treasure CCTV columns gemstone identification expert link to meet the needs of valuable jade lovers, will be held on March 16, gemstone knowledge training, gemstone knowledge training by the Chinese academy of geological sciences, China university of geosciences, China association of gemstone jewelry college of well-known experts and professors lecture, involving the basic knowledge of gemstone, identification, jewelry and jade article appreciation and collection, wear and maintenance of all kinds of jewelry, such as collection of ornamental stones popular content.
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