Gaole and Xinghui go public, New Year's toy industry has been hit by 'stock' dances

by:Ennas      2021-11-16

In 2009, when the overall Chinese toy industry was in the doldrums, the successful listing of Aofei Animation in September was like bringing a spring breeze to the Chinese toy industry that desperately needs to get out of the harsh winter, and boosted a lot of confidence in the industry. At the beginning of 2010, Xinghui Car Model Co., Ltd. from Chenghai, Guangdong joined the Shenzhen Growth Enterprise Market, and Gaole Toys Co., Ltd. from Puning, Guangdong entered the A-share market. Once these two news are released, these two toy companies from Eastern Guangdong, like Aofei, undoubtedly add confidence to the development of the industry in the new year. Their successful experience will also provide a certain reference for toy colleagues. Xinghui Car Model (300043): The leader of the domestic car model industry. In 1914, as a novel marketing method, the Ford Motor Factory of the United States launched the world's first car models when a new car was launched. As soon as the car model came out, it immediately became the favorite car sales method of car manufacturers all over the world and became popular all over the world. Today, some world-renowned car manufacturers, such as Mercedes-Benz and BMW, have also introduced car models and even kept pace with the launch of new cars. The drawings used in car models are often the design drawings of real cars. As 'the epitome of carsCar models are getting more and more refined, attracting more and more fans, and more and more enthusiasm is poured into these miniature cars. In China, with the rapid development of the automobile industry, automobiles have become a commodity that almost all male Chinese dream about. Car model enthusiasts have gradually gained a place in the Chinese folk collection army. Collecting car models can not only cultivate temperament and increase knowledge, but it is also a good investment, which can not only preserve value, but also increase value. The car model itself is a kind of art, used as home decoration, has its unique charm and ornamental value. Guangdong Xinghui Car Model Co., Ltd. recognized the huge potential of the car model market, seized the miracle of car popularization and car model gifting, and committed to the research and development, production and sales of car models. Carry out product strategic innovation, combine traditional toys and car culture, and carry out strategic cooperation with well-known auto manufacturers of the world's top 500 companies, and focus on the development of car model business by obtaining car model licenses from auto manufacturers. At present, Xinghui has become one of the domestic car model companies with the largest number of authorized companies, and has become a well-deserved leading company in the domestic car model industry. According to Xinghui data, in 2006, 2007, 2008 and January-September 2009, the operating income realized by Xinghui car model products accounted for 29.74%, 55.69%, 70.41% and 73.81 of the company's main business income, respectively. %, the gross profit contribution rate is 41.66%, 65.79%, 82.00% and 85.41% respectively. Car models have gradually become the company's main products and main source of profits. The funds raised from the issuance are planned to be invested in the construction of the brand car model production base, with a total investment of 133 million yuan. Gaole Group (002348): Independent brand leader. According to the latest data from relevant parties, Gaole Toys Co., Ltd. is currently the leading exporter of electric trains, wire-controlled simulation aircraft, magnetic learning writing boards, and robotic toys in Europe and the United States. The market share is in a leading position, and the female toy series is second only to Mattel, the world's largest toy manufacturer, in the mainstream specifications of the 29cm market. And it ranks second in the industry for domestic self-owned brand export electronic and electric toys, and third in self-owned brand toys. Strong Ru0026D capabilities are an important factor for Gaole to maintain rapid development. Gaole shares set up a subsidiary in Hong Kong and hired senior Hong Kong designers to design. On the one hand, it is conducive to the formation of its own system and characteristics in product style design, and on the other hand, it has reached the international advanced level in terms of update speed and innovation capabilities. The company’s technology center was recognized as the 'Guangdong Electronic Toys and Mold Engineering Technology Research and Development Center' by the Guangdong Provincial Science and Technology Department, the Development and Reform Commission, and the Economic and Trade Commission in 2005. In March 2009, the company was recognized as a 'high-tech enterprise' and ranked among the national The ranks of high-tech enterprises. In the process of production research and development for many years, the company has continued to carry out technological development and accumulation, and has a large number of patented and non-patented technologies in product appearance design, structural design, functional design, and processing technology. The global sales network is the driving force of Gaole's development. Gaole’s sales network covers Europe, the United States, Latin America, Asia and other regions, covering terminal channels such as toy franchise stores, supermarkets, department stores, toy retailers, and trade wholesalers. Terminal channel merchants are basically the leaders of various channels. The regional, multi-channel, and well-known sales network enable the company's products to quickly penetrate into various markets; the multi-level sales network can promptly feed back to the Ru0026D and design department the consumption tendencies and preferences of different regions and different consumer groups, so that the company's product research and development The pertinence and trend of the design are obvious, and the personalized design ability of the product is outstanding. The launch of the product is vulnerable to the positive response of the market. In terms of sales channel construction and customer development and management, the company actively attaches importance to mastering the initiative of sales channels. The company's large number of customers, diverse types, and wide geographical distribution make the company more selective in sales customers. The company's sales department formulates a new business development plan to avoid major reliance on a single customer.
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