Gao Zhongqing, general manager of Taiwan Lebao Toys, develops a variety of potential development toys

by:Ennas      2021-12-11

Gao Zhongqing, the general manager of Taiwan Lebao Toys Co., Ltd., is a hands-on boss. Not only did he personally participate in toy development and mold making, he even went to the mainland to participate in the exhibition. He also went to the front line and became a salesman. In the past two days at the Xiamen International Animation Festival, Gao Zhongqing came with a variety of potential toys developed by himself. This time he hopes to use the crowds of the Comic Fair to sell more toys and look forward to finding more on the mainland. Partner.   is so good to sell! Sold more than 300,000 in 3 days Gao Zhongqing has come to the mainland to participate in many exhibitions. In addition to various toy fairs, more are cultural fairs, famous products fairs, animation fairs, etc. As far as his experience is concerned, the toy fair pays attention to 'large quantity and cheap'Compared to cultural exhibitions, it is more suitable for me. It allows me to get in touch with people at different levels and find partners.' Gao Zhongqing emphasized that the preschool education industry in mainland China is now in a stage of rapid development, and the card position is accurate and can be allocated quickly. A cup of pie.   Gao Zhongqing smiled and said that now the mainland is very wealthy, and parents are most willing to spend money on education. They always want their children to learn more, so they desperately enroll in interest classes. This ethos allowed him to see the prospects for future development. Not long ago, I went to Shenzhen to participate in the exhibition. Because the toys sell so well, Gao Zhongqing’s photos were also on the front page of a local newspaper in Shenzhen. “Do you know how much I can sell at most for one time when I participate in the exhibition in the mainland? 3 days, more than 300,000 RMB Ah! This sales volume is unimaginable in Taiwan.' Looking forward to the northern mainland market, Gao Zhongqing bought out the copyright of Lebao building blocks from the Germans and asked the Taiwan team to carry out further research and development, adding gears, motors, etc. to the building blocks, making simple building blocks more interesting and more interesting. Challenging. After years of development, the penetration rate of Lebao bricks in Taiwan has been among the best, and it has become an important tool for local children to develop their intelligence. 'If it can occupy a certain share in the mainland, it must be an immeasurable market.' Gao Zhongqing said.   For the mainland market, Gao Zhongqing adopts a multi-gradient 'landing' strategy. Initially, through participating in the exhibition, combined with relevant early education institutions to distribute toys for him; since then, many youth palaces have joined Gao Zhongqing's purchasing team; now, he has begun to cooperate with major distributors to set up sales in department stores. Next, Gao Zhongqing plans to open his own franchise store.   The first time Gao Zhongqing came to the mainland to participate in the exhibition was in 2008. In the past few years, he has traveled to many provinces in the mainland. 'Compared, the northern market is more worth looking forward to than the southern market.' Gao Zhongqing analyzed that northern parents may receive less information from Taiwan, so they are more curious about such toys.
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