Gannan toys have become one of the important commodities exported by Jiangxi's foreign trade

by:Ennas      2021-12-20

This year, the spring in Gannan came very early.  The feelings of the full spring are the feelings of Lai Zengnong, the person in charge of Jiangxi Qinye Toys Company. The company's export value increased by nearly 60% in the first quarter, and product quality and customer satisfaction have improved year by year. Lai Zengnong said happily: 'Jiangxi Ganzhou Inspection and Quarantine Bureau helped us to relieve our worries and have today's good development.'    Helped the industry lay the foundation 'When our factory was first established, the heavy metal detection of toys exceeded the standard and production was stopped. Fortunately, The special guidance of Ganzhou Bureau helped us establish a quality management system. Only when the product quality is good, the export will gradually get better.' recalled Lin Sulan, an old employee.  The toy industry entered the Jiangnan Soviet Area in 2005. In 2007, toy companies in coastal provinces such as Guangdong began to move to the inland, and southern Jiangxi, which has many advantages, became the main destination. In just five or six years, Gannan toys have become one of Jiangxi’s important foreign trade exports, and toy industry clusters have gradually formed in Longnan, Ruijin and other places. These newly established toy factories all have a fixed customer base, mainly for high-end markets such as the European Union, the United States, Switzerland, and Canada. The toy export standards are high, risks are high, the process is complex, the management of raw materials is difficult, and the supervision is difficult. How to make these enterprises take root, develop and grow has become a difficult problem for the Ganzhou Bureau.   'We have always insisted on putting service companies in the most important position of our work, and even if we encounter major difficulties, we must find a solution.' said Zhu Qinghua of the Second Division of Business of the Ganzhou Bureau. In the first few years of the Gannan toy industry, the Ganzhou Bureau assigned the responsibility of each toy factory to people. From the establishment of the toy factory, inspectors were stationed in the production line of the enterprise, guiding the enterprise on the spot to establish and improve the quality management system, and promote the enterprise Classified management; organize professionals to track the latest foreign technical regulations, notified cases and other dynamic information, timely feedback the latest foreign regulations and requirements to enterprises, and effectively respond to foreign technical trade measures. A series of measures have helped toy companies improve their quality management level and laid a solid foundation for bigger and stronger companies.  Inspection companies join forces to break through barriers   On July 20, 2011, the most stringent toy safety technical regulations, the 'EU Toy Safety New Directive' was implemented. For the Gannan toy industry, this is not a trade barrier, but an excellent development opportunity. In response to the new EU standards, the Ganzhou Bureau completed the transformation and upgrading of all toy companies exporting to the EU within half a year. Liu Bo of the Longnan Office of the Ganzhou Bureau recalled: “At that time, He Yuping, the newly-married business department’s deputy chief, had no time to accompany his wife. During the day, he either went to the company for training or went to the company’s factory for guidance. He had to work overtime every night and even go home. There is no time to eat.'    'Ganzhou Bureau not only specially organizes training, but also arranges technical experts to guide the factory.' said Zhang Deqing, general manager of Hualong Toy Factory. With the help of the Ganzhou Bureau, the company purchased new testing equipment and further strengthened the management of hazardous substances and raw materials during the production process. 'Now, our toys can fully meet the various testing requirements of the European Union. In the past few years, no single product has had a problem due to quality reasons.' Zhang Deqing said.   seized the opportunity and won the first opportunity for the rise of the industry. It is precisely because of the series of measures of the Ganzhou Bureau that a strong quality guarantee has been provided for the Gannan toy industry to enter the EU market. Since then, the toy industry in Gannan has expanded year by year, and the level of quality management has increased year by year. Personal assistance to promote exports 'Our factory has applied for paperless inspection. The goods that used to take three or four days to ship can now be issued and cleared within a few hours.' Manager Lin of the inspection department of Qinye Toy Factory said to paperless The chemical inspection report was full of praise, 'Now there are more and more orders, and the scale is getting bigger and bigger.' 'Toy companies are very sensitive to the inspection and customs clearance environment of exported goods.' Liu Bo said. To this end, they came to communicate with each other one by one, and put forward measures to personally help toy companies. Beginning in 2013, the Ganzhou Bureau explored new ideas for streamlining administration and delegating power to supervision, fully implementing an exit customs clearance model focusing on rapid nuclear release, and implementing paperless inspections for eligible toy export companies. Under the new model, toy companies only need to upload data from the self-installed inspection application client, and the inspection and quarantine department can immediately accept and centrally review the documents, and quickly release those that meet the requirements for release.   'Ganzhou Bureau has a good style of focusing on scientific research and being brave to innovate.' He Yuping of Ganzhou Bureau showed me a thick pile of materials. This is a service specification for export toy companies compiled in accordance with the standards for imported toys in various countries, and it is an action guide for them to relieve the worries of toy export companies. In view of the high risks of toys, high regulatory requirements, and complex production processes, the toy research team of the Bureau proposed a new toy export supervision model based on the concept of'setting road signs, putting nets, and checking violations' as the guiding ideology, and implements a comprehensive approach to toy companies. And meticulous supervision. The so-called 'setting of road signs, netting, and checking for violations' refers to the establishment and improvement of service-oriented standards for Ganzhou export toy manufacturers based on the implementation regulations of the Commodity Inspection Law and the Commodity Inspection Law, and the import toy standards of various importing countries as the regulatory standards; Domestic product and foreign quality and safety information collection mechanism, disposal mechanism and disclosure mechanism, build a three-dimensional monitoring network for the quality and safety of exported toy products; use the basic data of global market quality and safety information to investigate enterprises involved in quality and safety unqualified information in the jurisdiction, according to the nature and category Act in strict accordance with the law. It is understood that there are currently 37 toy export companies in Jiangxi Province and 12 in Gannan. In 2014, the export value of Gannan toys reached US$156 million, accounting for 56% of the province's toy exports.   In the southern Jiangxi Soviet area, the toy industry ushered in the spring of great development.
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