Furniture-type toys to cultivate children's creative ability

by:Ennas      2021-12-02

How to cultivate children's creativity is a headache for many parents now. It seems a good choice to let them build their own furniture. Now there is really a large building block called Olla, which allows children to assemble furniture by themselves. Olla’s developer is Jens Otterstedt, whose name comes from her two children, Ole and Ella. One day two children asked for new furniture at home. Otterstedt didn't immediately satisfy their wish. Instead, he looked for inspiration from Lego bricks and created Olla brick furniture. From the pictures, we can see that Olla's design is very colorful and full of childishness. As long as you want, tables, chairs and bed cabinets can be built freely. Components and components can be combined with different joints, but it is not complicated, as long as you can play with building blocks, you can easily get started.  Olla needs to raise $250,000 in development funding. This goal is a bit high, and people can't help but sweat whether it can go on sale. If it can be listed, its price ranges from $228 to $2255, and of course the luxury of the components you get is also different.
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