'Frozen' super 'Toy 3' became the best-selling animation in film history

by:Ennas      2021-12-02

Disney's word-of-mouth animation 'Frozen' has a global box office total of 1.0724 billion US dollars, surpassing the previous record holder 'Toy Story Member 3' (1.063 billion US dollars), becoming the most-grossing animated film in film history. At the same time, this Oscar-winning animation also officially ranks among the top ten best-selling movies in the world. From the big sales of 'FrozenDisney's three-dimensional animation has been behind for many years and finally rises. Disney was once the unparalleled boss in the animation industry. Its production of 'Mickey Mouse and Donald DuckLong-term sales. However, after the 1990s, three-dimensional computer animation rookies represented by Pixar rose, and three-dimensional animation gradually became the new favorite of the market. Animation studios such as DreamWorks, Blue Sky (part of Flowserve), and Lighting Entertainment (part of Universal) followed the trend and soon Disney, which has a foothold in the market and almost empty of animation talents, is left behind. After 2006, Pixar, which was facing production funding problems, was acquired by Disney. After several years of running-in and learning, Disney finally broke out in 2013. The song and dance animation 'Frozen' has won both word-of-mouth and box office harvests around the world. The global audience's demand for family animation is booming in the export of Hollywood movies, mainly superhero movies, action movies, sci-fi movies, and cartoons. These are also areas where Hollywood can afford big money and is best at it. However, after overseas audiences watch more popcorn blockbusters with simple plots and visual effects as their main selling point, they will also experience aesthetic fatigue to a certain extent. Therefore, we have seen more and more examples of blockbusters produced by Hollywood in the past one or two years experiencing coldness overseas. While the three-dimensional animation films produced by Hollywood satisfy children's audiences, they are also actively enriching the content, drawing more and more adult audiences into the theater. In terms of ensuring viewing, storytelling, and ideological quality, Hollywood animation has no global competitors, and family movies in overseas markets (especially China) are very scarce, so the market capacity of animated films can be greatly expanded in the next few years. . Animation is one of the most insurable and profitable film genres. Last year, two animated films became popular all over the world. The cumulative box office of 'Despicable Me 2' reached US$971 million, and its budget was only US$76 million (small and medium production in Hollywood). Excluding travel and marketing expenses, the return is nearly 12 times. In a comparison made by the American film blog Deadline, 'Despicable Me' defeated the 2013 box office giant 'Iron Man 3' ($1.215 billion), and the small cost and high box office 'Call of Souls' and other films became the most profitable. For the annual film, the net profit reached 394.5 million US dollars (including the sales of video discs, TV copyright, etc.), and the total cash return rate was 1.83. 'Frozen' has a budget of 150 million US dollars and a global box office of 1.072 billion US dollars. For the wholly-owned Disney, it is also a profit. China has become an animated film that has attracted much attention. In 2013, animation accounted for 13 of the top 100 movies in the box office list, accounting for 13% of all genres, second only to the best-selling romance, comedy, Action movies. Among them, there are 5 imported Hollywood animations and 8 domestic animations. In 2014, 'Despicable Me 2The domestic animation box office record maintained by 'Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf'. Filmmakers have been keenly aware that the audience's demand for cartoons is becoming stronger and stronger, and the market is in a state of short supply. As a result, domestic animations that no one paid attention to in the past have now received unprecedented attention. Some major mainstream companies such as Huayi and Guangxi have taken steps to participate in investment and distribution of domestic animations. In Guangray's 2014 film list, 14 films were released throughout the year, of which 5 were animated cartoons.
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