From Xinxian County to the British Royal Family, the toy kingdom built by Chen Jianping

by:Ennas      2021-12-05

One is the new county surrounded by mountains, and the other is the British royal family that has attracted worldwide attention. There does not seem to be much intersection between the two, but who can think of small toys, but they have achieved their fate. The matchmaker is the toy king Chen Jianping. Chen Jianping is the chairman of Dongguan Delong Toys Industrial Co., Ltd. Xinxian Branch. It is not an exaggeration to say that he is the king of toys. From working in the south to starting his own business, and now becoming famous, Chen Jianping has been on the road of toys for nearly 20 years. For 20 years, being able to focus so much on an industry, the perseverance and perseverance necessary for entrepreneurs can be seen in him.   In 1995, Chen Jianping, who was still a teacher at an elementary school in Gaowan Village, Chendian Township, Xin County, chose to work in Dongguan because of his livelihood. His first job was as a worker in a toy manufacturer. Due to his hard work, he was quickly promoted to workshop director, and six months later he was promoted to general manager. Through years of hard work, Chen Jianping has harvested the first pot of gold and realized his dream of making a fortune. But under the simple and steady appearance, he still has a heart that is uneasy and ready to move. 'People, there are always times at the crossroads. I hesitate to continue to work in the factory or start my own business.' Chen Jianping recalled.   The simplest method is often the most effective. The confused and tangled Chen Jianping went to the supermarket every day to see what others were buying, and on the flyover to see what the bustling people were doing. Later, he finally found an idea and decided to start a business to make toys. 'Of course, this is also inseparable from my 15 years of teaching experience. I like children very much and want them to have more interesting toys in their childhood.' Chen Jianping said.   At the beginning of the business, it was hard to say. Renting venues and workers' wages are both huge expenses. In addition, the qualifications are still low and there are not many orders. By chance, Chen Jianping started to work as an OEM for a toy company in Hong Kong, and the company's situation gradually improved. 'Now, the British royal family uses our toys!' During the interview, Chen Jianping excitedly introduced to reporters. As we all know, Europe has strict technical and safety requirements for imported toys. However, as a foundry company, Delong Toys Factory has become the only foundry company in the mainland of a well-known Spanish toy company, and knocked on the door of the British royal family with toys. None of the toys were defective, and no complaints were received. 'Although it is a foundry company, I think quality is more important than brand.' Chen Jianping said, he wants to impress foreigners with integrity and pragmatism. He did it. 'Unbelievable!' This is what the United States kept saying when it sent representatives to Chen Jianping to inspect the company. It turned out that while doing OEM, Chen Jianping also focused his attention on the core components of toys. One of them was to control the smoke technology with a remote control to make the toy more realistic. 'At that time, we looked for materials from various places and found the Chinese Academy of Sciences. After that, we tried repeatedly and tried thousands of times, and finally succeeded.' Chen Jianping said that in the simple factory, 6 months of perseverance helped him win the domestic and foreign industries. Applause.  While actively starting a business, Chen Jianping does not forget to take social responsibility. In fact, returning to Xinxian County to set up a branch factory does not have much advantage. On the contrary, increased transportation costs will lower profits. Talking about the reasons, Chen Jianping said: 'My roots are here, and I want to use industry to influence the people here.' Up to now, Delong Toys Factory has solved the employment problem of more than 500 people in Xinxian County. The monthly salary of ordinary workers is about 2500 yuan, far away. Higher than the minimum wage in Xinxian County.
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