From this, education works hand in hand with science, technology, engineering, and mathematics to build a platform for fostering future creators through cross-industry integration

by:Ennas      2021-11-21

The 2018 Shanghai International STEM Science and Education Products Expo will be held at the Shanghai Convention and Exhibition Center for International Sourcing from December 7th to 9th. The expo aims to promote the flow and integration of upstream and downstream resources of STEM education by connecting governments, schools, and commercial institutions, and realize the development of the STEM education industry chain in China. This expo is guided by the Shanghai Institute of Education, hosted by the Shanghai Science and Technology Popularization Volunteer Association, Shanghai Hengzan Exhibition Service Co., Ltd., undertaken by Shanghai Hengzan Exhibition Service Co., Ltd., and co-organized by Shanghai Science Education Promotion Center and Shanghai Science Education Exhibition and Education Center , Supported by Shanghai Science and Technology Development Foundation. ST E M is a combination of the English initials of the four subjects of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. ST E M education emphasizes the cultivation of inquiry ability, practical ability, communication ability and critical thinking ability, focusing on practice and process, and is committed to cultivating comprehensive quality talents who are facing the future and adapting to the development of the new era. For a long time, China’s test-oriented education system has caused thousands of troops to cross the single-plank bridge, causing widespread anxiety among students and parents. All aspects have made great efforts to train many 'test robotsTalents are hard to come out. Therefore, China still has huge room for development in innovative education, and all sectors of society need to work together to change the status quo. Since the official start of STEM education in the United States in 1986, the STE project has been widely recognized by all walks of life and spread quickly. With the vigorous development of quality education in China, STEM education has landed in China in order to realize localized innovation and development. At this stage, STEM projects are mostly practiced effectively in primary and secondary schools and extracurricular training institutions. However, due to insufficient hardware conditions and deviations in the understanding of the STEM education system, STEM education has not yet maximized its value, developed slowly, and is not well-known. high. However, to build a science and technology powerhouse and Shanghai Science and Technology Innovation Center, to achieve transformational development and national rejuvenation, there is an urgent need for innovative talents with strong comprehensive qualities. It is no longer necessary to cultivate innovative talents with an international perspective. In this social context, the holding of this Shanghai International STEM Science and Education Products Expo will surely become an important exchange event. In order to meet the market needs of the STEM education industry to find partners, listen to the real feedback of end consumers, and popularize and promote STEM concepts, the exhibition area of u200bu200bthis expo is 16,000 square meters, with an estimated number of exhibitors of 300, and 35,000 visitors, which maximizes satisfaction It addresses the brand promotion and communication needs of STEM products and STEM project service companies, and provides exhibitors with opportunities to broaden business cooperation, financing development, and brand display. This year's expo will provide immersive experience services for exhibitors and visitors through four innovative modes: concept innovation, form innovation, marketing innovation, and value innovation. It will be a show venue where new technologies combining real and virtual scenes will be unveiled. At the STEM exhibition site, exhibiting companies will use STEM teaching aids and toys as the medium to contribute an entertaining and entertaining event for the audience. The business opportunities and value contained in this expo will surely attract the attention and visits of various channels, schools, educational institutions, investors, students and parents, and experience the real fun of STEM education. At present, well-known companies such as Shanghai Braided Bean HABA Learning Center (HABA), RevoIT Network Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. (RevoIT), Dongguan Duozhi Hardware Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. (Elenco) and other famous companies have confirmed to participate in the exhibition. The expo will create interesting interactive activities through the combination of games, VR, robots, and even branding and STEM education, so that young people who participate will show their creativity and problem-solving skills. In addition, the STEM Expo will also target industry associations, Educational institutions and industry scholars conduct high-end dialogues, invite leaders of STEM education disciplines to teach on-site, realize the matching interaction between exhibitors and buyers, and build a three-dimensional and precise communication channel. In addition, the Expo will cooperate with more than 40 media organizations such as 'Cube Bear ParadiseCreate a reputation and brand effect, increase social influence, attract all scholars and institutions from all walks of life who care about technology and education to pay attention to the STEM education industry, jointly promote the reform of the education field, and contribute to the development of education in a new era of socialism. A bright future for the education industry.
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