From January to September this year, the value of Lishui wooden toys increased by 9.25% year-on-year

by:Ennas      2021-12-22

When it comes to toys, you may think that only 'Lego' is foreign. In fact, Chinese brands are very popular in the world, especially the wooden toys made in Lishui. According to the reporter's knowledge from the Lishui Inspection and Quarantine Bureau, from January to September this year, Lishui wooden toys were exported through inspection and quarantine in 10,858 batches with a value of 230 million US dollars. .  Contrary development still shows development difficulties. It is reported that wooden toys are the main export commodities of Lishui City, with an average annual output value of about 2 billion yuan. Last year, exports were 265 million US dollars, accounting for more than 50% of the country's annual exports of similar products. At present, Lishui has become the largest gathering place for wooden toy production in China and even the entire Asia-Pacific region.   However, this outstanding industry is also facing many difficulties in sustainable development. 'Lishui's wooden toy industry relies on exports. Once it encounters the restrictions of international trade barriers,'Wooden Dolls' are prone to get sick.' The head of Lishui Inspection and Quarantine Bureau told reporters, taking the European Union, the main export market of Lishui Wooden Toys, as an example, in recent years , The EU has successively introduced technical trade measures for toys. Affected by this, at the end of 2014, Lishui’s exports of EU toys were reported for the first time in 60 months.   At the same time, due to the rising cost of labor and raw materials, the profitability of enterprises has declined significantly, which has led to a decline in the comparative competitive advantage of Lishui Muwan and South America, Southeast Asia and other toy production areas. The vicious competition triggered by production over sales has made the 'price war' intensified.   Transform and upgrade enterprises, the government join hands to break through the 'low profit era'. In the 'low profit era' of the wooden game industry, the transformation of enterprises is imperative. The breakthrough battle has been fought first by the 'excellent forces' of the Lishui wooden game industry. Dingge Culture, a young company only established in 2010, boldly proposed to combine wooden toys with the most popular animation industry nowadays, relying on animation to drive the development of Muwan derivative products. The sparks produced by the two collisions are amazing and the effect is immediate: 52 episodes of original animation 'Mu Mu Tribe' filmed by the company was selected as the fourth batch of excellent domestic animated cartoons of the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television in 2012, and appeared on the 2012 Cannes Fall TV in France In one fell swoop, it won contracts with merchants from five European countries including Spain, Sweden, and Finland, and has developed 135 derivative toys that have been put on the market; the animation 'Dudu Town' won the 2014 China International Animation Festival 'Golden Monkey Award' for the most promising animation series The film award......  At the same time as the enterprise breaks through, the relevant competent departments are also actively playing the role of 'nanny'. “As a high-risk wooden toy, the standard requirements of the importing country are the baton of the enterprise.” The relevant person in charge of the Lishui Inspection and Quarantine Bureau introduced to reporters. In order to allow enterprises to better and faster grasp the standards of the importing country, the bureau cooperated with Yunhe The Muwan Association has established the “Muwan Foreign Trade Early Warning Platform” to promptly release relevant information such as early warning notices, market supply and demand, technical barriers, etc., to escort enterprises' foreign trade exports.   At the same time, the lectures on new toy standards held by the inspection and quarantine department in conjunction with the local government must be packed. Only in 2012 organized 6 special lectures including 'Interpretation of the Latest EU DirectivesThrough these timely trainings, the wood play industry's rapid response and comprehensive competitiveness in responding to international fair trade cases have been effectively improved.
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