French artist: 'the hot-and-dry noodles' a small statue

by:Ennas      2021-08-04
But yesterday the wuhan hundred held art space - But yesterday the wuhan hundred held art space - A lecture on the promotion of public art, but understand that tell people, public art is closely related to ordinary life, its art aim is common people can feel the beauty around, 'le le' rather than 'alone le le' - An art form. The speaker of the lecture mountain bashan studied art in places such as Europe, she introduced this public art in the lecture, the so-called public art is set in a public space, and often contacts in the public life of art, including architecture, urban small statues, murals, such as Beijing's bird's nest 'willing ox' figurines, shenzhen and so on, this art to the public, the impact on the city more than many other kinds of art. Due to the cultural exchanges to han Michael, when it comes to public art feeling about wuhan, in wuhan, he saw the best of public art, should belong to jiang han pedestrain hot-and-dry noodles figurines, because the work recreates the city amorous feelings, folk customs, is the symbol of the city is different from other city, unique. According to this lecture of planner - Wu Ya Mr Lin said, at present the public art in foreign countries and China by the rapid development of Beijing, Shanghai, shenzhen and other places, such as in Europe and the United States - In some cities, regulation planning what is the percentage must set aside space to decorate art works; In Hong Kong, landmark buildings also requires leaves and public environment, public art - Proportion of space; And shenzhen also set up a 'shenzhen public art center', developing urban public art, increase the intensity of public participation, and wuhan this aspect is still relatively weak. He suggests that wuhan might as well be built - Something like 'hot-and-dry noodles' make the finishing point for city public art, which to improve the urban grade, development of city tourism, are quite useful for the people's life.
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