Freehand brushwork in traditional Chinese painting to image space transformation - — 'Mindfulness - - - - - - - - - - - - - Macao opening JingYuMin exhibition'

by:Ennas      2021-10-09
Core tip: exhibition posters on the afternoon of September 13, 2016, funded by foundation of macau, macau university of science and technology with the tianjin academy of fine arts and humanities, jointly organized 'mindfulness - — JingYuMin exhibition in the exhibition 'posters on the afternoon of September 13, 2016, the foundation funds of macau, macau university of science and technology with the tianjin academy of fine arts and humanities, jointly organized the' mindfulness - — JingYuMin exhibition 'the grand opening in macau university of science and technology. The central government's officials of the Macao special administrative region, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the People's Republic of China embassy in Macao special officials culture bureau, macau foundation of macau, macau university of science and technology, related to the local academic organization and mainland artists and art institutions and academia, tianjin academy of fine arts professor JingYuMin attended the opening ceremony. Mr JingYuMin 'mindfulness - — JiaJing JingYuMin exhibition 'as the famous art education, creative ideas and artistic practice in recent years a new rendering, is its individual figurines creation by freehand brushwork to image the first exhibition of ideology transformation. Exhibition exhibited in succession since 2012, the creation of the dharma, side wall, the invisible of, 'wait' series, 'mirror screen', 'vertical like', 'cross like', 'empty like' and a series of optional, embodied in the works of the 'image' of interpretation presented JingYuMin based on the origin and development of Chinese classical philosophy and belief about the contemporary understanding of the concept of 'space', and experimental exploration of eastern space image building. Dr Famous theorist, presided over the exhibition academic zheng-hua sun places to cultivate people's works to express your own understanding: JingYuMin works of 'image', is the Chinese traditional artistic technique of expression by means of metaphor and symbol, the actual achieve lifelikeness 'artistic conception', is to always follow simple concept, the metaphysics system of inner loop, aimed at by materialized form of expression to the sublimation of spirit means. Artist is 'natural', in the form of transcending reality with cultural concern of speculative and in reality, in the heart art space is 'faith', realize the spirit of dialogue in the blessed are contemplation, experience the clear bosom view in the lonely emptiness. Is this really return, make JingYuMin figurines to public art works can be free in the shelves of various forms of law to explore the expression between may, in the multivariate information integration of the internal spirit substance and new discourse system, construct with double meaning on the physical level and human level space form. In addition, the exhibition also exhibited in literature way JingYuMin Mr Image information of public art, comprehensively and clearly shows the artist by the rack to the multivariate thoughts of public space and double results. At the same time the writer was invited to the macau university of science and technology, the teachers and students and local artists held a seminar with interactive communication. Exhibition at the scene of the exhibition as artists from the mainland in recent years, a high standard of solo exhibition held in Macao, presents a distinctive contemporary art level and academic value, by the teachers and students, macau, macau university of science and technology culture art and the local people welcome. Macau organizers and local media when it comes to the significance of the exhibition stressed: Mr JingYuMin as a famous contemporary Chinese small sculpture artists, public art experts, scholar whose work has the very high academic level and the cultural concern; The exhibit excellent contemporary art on the mainland to macau, to promote the cultural exchange and interaction between the mainland and Macao, promote the development of contemporary art has the profound influence and role. The macau university of science and technology, professor liu liang in the exhibition opening speech to reiterate: 'wait - — JingYuMin exhibition 'in macau university of science and technology academic propulsion and Macao cultural influence of' milestone 'significance. It is reported, the exhibition at the invitation of the organizers will be extended to October 8, 2016. The Damocles faced the intangible of the watch NO. 1 ', 'looking at the NO. 2 ', 'looking at the NO. 3 ', 'wait' ( Local) 'Mirror screen', 'cross like' and 'shu as' 'empty like'
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