Four Chinese robbers suspected of using toy guns to rob Thai gun shops, one person was killed

by:Ennas      2022-01-01
Thailand's 'Bangkok Post' reported on the 4th that in the morning, four suspected Chinese robbers tried to rob a gun shop in Bangkok with simulated toy guns. Three robbers were injured by the police who came afterwards, and one of them died after being taken to the hospital. The fourth robber was arrested in the neighborhood. The fifth suspect believed to be the leader of the robbers is still at large.   The report quoted the Acting Chief of the Bangkok Police Department as saying that four robbers walked into the gun shop and asked to see ****. Afterwards, they took out simulated toy guns from their clothes and threatened the shopkeeper and clerk. The shopkeeper was slightly injured in the scuffle between the two sides. A clerk was stabbed by a dagger, but the injuries were not serious.   The Bangkok Post stated that these robbers could not speak Thai, and the passports they held showed Chinese nationality. Thai police officers told the local media that they believed this was only a transnational criminal case. (Evan)
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