Four basic methods of sculpture production

by:Ennas      2022-02-22
Now in different scenic spots, squares, shopping malls and other areas, you will see different types of sculptures. Different production methods can be used to make sculptures, such as lost wax method, mold method, molten copper method, and muddy casting method. The four methods are More commonly used methods. The four basic methods of sculpture production    1. Lost wax method    Use wax to make a mold, apply external materials, and become a whole mold.  2. The mold method    is widely used. Large-scale bronze sculptures are usually cast by fireware and then joined together into a whole.  3. Copper melting method  Using the moldless and controllable melting and casting skills, 'moldless' allows the copper liquid to circulate naturally and deforms; 'controllable' makes the copper liquid melt in the artist's control.  4. Muddy casting method    Muddy casting method bronze statue forging process: The previous bronze sculpture forging skills in the Shang Dynasty were all muddy casting method, that is, one-time casting. The method is divided into three aspects: alloy, casting, and manufacturing.
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