Foreign media: Nearly three-quarters of toys sold around the world are produced by Chinese factories

by:Ennas      2021-11-07
German 'Berlin Daily' article on December 19 If you want to buy toys such as robots and lightsabers from the movie 'Star Wars' for your children before Christmas, you will almost always find the same symbol-Made in China. It is no wonder that nearly three-quarters of toys sold around the world are produced by Chinese factories. This year, as the movie 'Frozen' continues to raging and 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' is released, the peripheral products of the two movies account for the bulk of China's toy industry exports this year.   The movie brought the Chinese toy manufacturing industry into flames. The toy boom has left beautiful figures on China's foreign trade statistics. For the previously poor Chinese toy industry, this seems to be a small economic stimulus plan.   But one thing has hardly changed: the working conditions of many workers on the production line. Labor rights organizations criticized the working environment of China's toy industry. The huge difference between retail prices and production costs shows that employers have enough room to give employees higher wages, but this is translated into profits.   The musical wand toy in 'Frozen' sells for 21 Euros in Germany, but the monthly salary of an employee in a toy company in Dongguan is only 240 Euros. The company’s induction training is only 20 minutes, while the legal safety training time is 24 hours. The company's handling of hazardous substances in the factory is also quite lax, and the escape stairs are too narrow...There are still several companies with such problems. This is the dark side of the toy country.
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