Foreign media: Be alert! A large number of fingertip monkeys and hatching toy imitations flood the UK market

by:Ennas      2022-01-08
Photo source / get the first to know the hot topics and trends of 2018, and you will find the next fingertip spinning top!    According to foreign media reports, fake cheap collectible toys, such as fingertip monkeys and hatching toys, are flooding in The British market. Industry experts have warned that dangerous counterfeit toys are on the rise, which can cause children's injuries, cancer, and even death.     On January 24, the British Toy u0026 Hobby Association (British Toy u0026 Hobby Association) stated at the London Toy Fair that the number of counterfeit toys flowing into the UK increased by 12% in one year. They cost the toy industry 400 million pounds last year, causing the UK toy industry to shrink by 3%. Toys should strictly follow safety regulations to ensure the safety of children. But counterfeit toys and games are usually made of unsafe materials-including carcinogenic plastics. Moreover, they fall apart easily, posing a risk of swallowing for children. In the past, counterfeit toys mainly appeared in flea markets. Now many sellers use platforms such as Amazon and eBay to sell them.     WowWee fingertip monkey and L.O.L. Surprise Baby Egg are the most counterfeit toys. Because of the high market demand, whether it is genuine or fake, it will soon be sold out. A Chinese counterfeit toy manufacturer even combined these two best-selling holiday toys into one. The retailer's surprise ball plastic shell has the WowWee fingertip monkey trademark on the plastic shell, and there are also fingertip monkey pictures. Inside the ball is a small plastic monkey, not a LOL surprise doll.     (compilation/Hugo Net Yang Xueping)  Keywords: Toys, British market, Security
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