Foreign media: American toy manufacturer Mattel rejects Hasbro's new acquisition proposal

by:Ennas      2022-01-07
According to a Reuters report on November 15, a source familiar with the situation said on Wednesday that Mattel (MAT.O) has rejected Hasbro (HAS.O)’s ** new acquisition The proposal brings uncertainty to the potential merger transaction of the two largest US toy manufacturers.  Mattel’s refusal indicates that CEO Margaret Georgiadis seeks to bargain aggressively in negotiations with Hasbro, even though the performance of Mattel’s stock price in the past year has been far less than that of Hasbro.   The source said that Mattel has informed Hasbro that its acquisition proposal underestimated the value of Mattel and did not fully consider the possibility that the regulator would refuse to approve the transaction due to antitrust concerns.   Hasbro’s conditions are not yet known, nor is it clear whether negotiations between the two companies will continue. The two companies have negotiated many times in the past 20 years.   Since the news has not been made public, the above three sources requested anonymity. Hasbro could not be immediately reached for comment, and Mattel declined to comment.  Keywords: Toys, Acquisition of   Recommended reading: E-commerce platform
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