'For the era statues' figurines hubei art museum collection exhibition

by:Ennas      2020-06-02
Core tip: display name; Figurines 'era statues' hubei art museum collection show show time: 2015 - 07 - - 2015-24 10 - 18 the opening time: 2015 - 08 - 01 comes to exhibition city: lake exhibition name; Figurines 'era statues' hubei art museum collection show show time: 2015 - 07 - - 2015-24 10 - 18 the opening time: 2015 - 08 - 01 comes to exhibition city: hubei - wuhan exhibition location: hubei art gallery, art director: at the curator in the fu: JiShaoFeng Xia Zi exhibition to introduce figurine is an ancient art, since the Stone Age, figurines as a tangible material culture carrier, accompanied human beings through the long years. Throughout history, both in the east and the west, figurines because of its special artistic language and is closely related with the culture of a city or region, and reflects the characteristic of the time. Since the 1930 s, China's small statue creation from the modelling idea and have great changes have taken place on the technique of expression, is experiencing the transformation of from traditional figurines to modern and contemporary figurines. In such a background, hubei art museum in 2009 independent planning retrospect and prospect '- — Hubei figurine art exhibition ', the development of hubei figurines of comprehensive combing, small statues and successively held the '2012 - — Three officer temple construction &dissolution art exhibition ', '1 - — Chinese abstract figurine art exhibition ', 'small statue - — 2014 three officer temple art exhibition ', 'wing 1 - — China figurine society youth promotion plan in the second quarter tour '' highlights - — 2015 institute of space art exhibition 'and a series of academic exhibitions, artists to the attention of a view from hubei, in all regions and age. Therefore, hubei art museum exhibition and the artist way to collect a batch of excellent works of modern and contemporary figurines, also make the highlight gradually become another collection of my house. '2015 national ministry of culture art museum collection boutique exhibition season this year' activities, I pavilion with 'statues for time' as the theme, and according to the time the exhibited works and visual form features, the exhibition is divided into 'era statues', 'I shape my model', 'elephant invisible' three units, showcase my museum collection of figurines in 6 years, make this batch of outstanding collection resources can benefit the masses, for you to provide more visual, interactive resources to better meet the audience's aesthetic demand. Work around hubei art museum collection of figurines, we have a lot more to do, such as the protection of the older generation artist donation work and study, further promote young artists, on the basis of the collection of Chinese figurines transformation of linear structure research, and so on. To the collection of small exhibition become hubei art museum statue figurine collecting work new starting point. Hubei gallery director fu in July 2015
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