Following the wonderful continuation of the on-site report of the toy exhibition

by:Ennas      2021-11-22

In the fairy tale world, Doraemon's time machine can take you back through time and go back to the past, because time is fleeting, leaving people with infinitely nostalgic memories. Look at the world with your heart, and use the camera in your hand to record every bit of life. Following the on-site report of the toy exhibition, Toy Baba continued this wonderful experience and witnessed the growth of the company. Companies showcase their products and technologies, broaden channels, promote sales, and spread brands through exhibitions. But how can the company have a better publicity effect through the booth display in just a few days? Toy Baba reported on the booths of various toy companies at the toy exhibition site. More people had a comprehensive understanding of the company's exhibition situation through the reports of Toy Baba. Secondly, Toy Baba’s interviews with toy companies include understanding of the current main products of toy companies, the most popular toys and future development trends. This is also a concern of consumer groups. After the exhibition, Toys Baba will organize the video of reporting and interviewing the company's booth. At each exhibition, Toy Baba will record every footprint of the company. These videos have witnessed the growth of the company step by step. This will be a beautiful memoir. Allow exhibitors to invest as little as tens of thousands of yuan and as much as tens of thousands of yuan at the exhibition to be permanently extended on the Internet, so that the wonderful live coverage of the toy exhibition can continue.
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