Five highlights of 2014 China Licensing Exhibition boost manufacturing enterprises to upgrade

by:Ennas      2021-12-02

Mainland China's most influential, authoritative and professional authorized trading platform-'Shanghai International Brand Licensing Exhibition' (hereinafter referred to as 'China Licensing Exhibition') will be held on October 14-16 Held at Shanghai New International Expo Center. China Licensing Exhibition is co-sponsored by China Toys and Baby Products Association and Shangjia Exhibition Service (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. The 2014 exhibition has many highlights, winning the collective expectations of international authorized brands, domestic popular authorized brands and industry licensees. Authoritative organizations strongly support the only international licensing event in mainland China. In 2014, the most professional and authoritative industry organization in the international licensing industry, the International Licensing Association (referred to as: LIMA), once again became the support organization of the Shanghai International Brand Licensing Exhibition, which is its seventh Annual support and participation. At the same time, the Asian Patent Licensing Association (ALA), the Korea Cultural Industry Promotion Agency (KOCCA), and the Russian Animation Association have unanimously organized a group to participate, and the international influence of the exhibition is unparalleled. Bringing together the world’s top brands to expand the best choice for authorized business As Asia’s largest professional licensing trade platform, the Shanghai International Brand Licensing Exhibition has expanded by 30% this year, attracting nearly a thousand of the most popular licensing projects at home and abroad, especially the number of international brands and exhibitors Significant growth. International authorized companies such as Disney, Metai, Li u0026 Fung, and Colico will bring their full-line images to be displayed in a concentrated manner, while none of the emerging domestic brand images are absent, such as Ari, Hello Caicai, Mancai, Zhang Xiaohe, etc. It is the first joint display to open up new ideas in the licensing industry and ensure the maximum profit of licensing cooperation! Accurate coverage of nine major areas to meet the needs of diversified licensing business. In 2014, Shanghai International Brand Licensing Exhibition covered nine major licenses including cartoon animation, sports and leisure, culture and art, company branding, fashion, film and television entertainment, online games, celebrity brands, and well-known universities. In the field, it can meet the cooperation needs of different enterprises at different levels, such as maternal and child products, lathes, car seats, furniture, food for pregnant and infant children, health products, toys, education, souvenirs, children’s clothing, infant clothing, children’s shoes, pregnancy clothing, underwear and so on. The addition of a “fashion, brand and sports exhibition area” helps to efficiently connect this year, the Shanghai International Brand Licensing Exhibition opened a special area for the first time, focusing on displaying the image of fashion, brand and sports licensing, and integrating the network, magazines, and magazines according to the individual needs of licensees. Core resources such as e-newsletters, WeChat, and exhibitions provide 'one-to-one' negotiation and consulting services to help licensees find suitable licensing projects as soon as possible, and take the lead in seizing brand licensing business opportunities. The combination of summit forums and authorization training services are improved to ensure the maximum profit of authorization. In order to promote the in-depth cooperation between licensees and authorized parties, the organizer organizes the China Authorization Summit Forum every year to gather elites from world-renowned authorized enterprises to analyze successful cases of authorization projects and discuss the identification of authorization. Business management ideas and innovative cooperation opportunities; at the same time, the organizer exclusively undertakes the national original animation high-level seminar commissioned by the Ministry of Culture to help the licensee fully understand the status and characteristics of the domestic and foreign authorized markets, master the professional knowledge of authorized business cooperation, and improve cooperation s efficiency. It is understood that in order to help licensees fully understand the latest developments of authorized brands in advance, the 2014 China Licensing Exhibition also launched an exclusive service for pre-registered buyers. It only takes 40 seconds to log in to to control authorized business opportunities at any time.
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