Fisher's 90th Anniversary: u200bu200bDon't Forget Your Original Heart, See the World from a Child's Perspective

by:Ennas      2022-01-16
(Shanghai, May 2020) Recently, Fisher-Price®, a world-renowned infant toy brand, celebrated its 90th anniversary. Since its birth, Fisher has been known for producing high-quality early childhood education toys for infants and young children, bringing joy and beautiful childhood memories to thousands of babies. For 90 years, the Fisher brand has been adhering to a philosophy of developing and designing toys from the perspective of children to help them show their talents in play. Fisher-Price® was founded in the United States in 1930, named after the three founders Herman Fisher, Irving Price and Helen Schelle, and is composed of the names of two of them. At the beginning of its establishment, they set up precise toy values u200bu200bfor Fisher Company: it can stimulate imagination, be innovative, exciting and fun. At the beginning of its establishment, Fisher innovated and launched wooden toys in the United States, which quickly gained popularity. In the 1950s, Fisher created a new generation of plastic toys, which were widely praised for their beautiful colors and long-lasting preservation. In 1961, Fisher established a toy laboratory, where Fisher’s designers and engineers played games with the children, and the babies experienced Fisher’s toys in a fun and personally supervised environment. By observing the children in the game, to understand how they think and choose, understand their preferences and expectations, and design children's toys together with the children. In 2007, Fisher-Price branded toys officially entered China, bringing brand-new sound and light interactive toys, which are favored by Chinese parents. In 2020, which is also the 90th anniversary of Fisher's founding, babies will bring cute and fun Lianmeng family toys. The series uses high-tech linkage technology to bring unprecedented fun and surprises. Since then, Fisher has been dedicated to manufacturing high-quality, safe age-appropriate toys for infants and toddlers. Fisher provides a full range of parenting solutions for babies' physical, cognitive and social emotional development needs at different growth stages and at different periods. From 0 months +, 3 months +, 6 months +, 9 months + to 36 months +, Fisher has tailored many classic products for babies, and really let babies play with toys that suit their own age: innovation The design will comfort the little otter to breathe, won the 2019 China Toy Association Industry Upgrade and Innovative Product Award, and the 2019 Parenting Network's popular toy TOP1, so that the baby feels safe in the arms of the mother; the Qinqin fitness device is 3 to 6 months old The baby's exclusive gym helps babies exercise their limbs; the two-in-one learning-to-crawl little fox is built for babies over 6 months old, and 2 modes accompany the baby to sit and learn to crawl; the 2020 new series of Lianmeng family products, gain American weight Class Toy Award-TOTY's Best Infant Toy of the Year, helping babies over 9 months to educate and enlighten, entertaining and entertaining; for babies over 3 years old, Fisher launched a series of role-playing suits, immersive play to light up the baby Imagination, expand social skills in the play house. Children's interest in toys is natural. Fun toys create a childlike world for children. The world in the eyes of children may be different from that of adults. In their eyes, the world is novel and unknown. They use toys to touch , Listen and explore the world. For 90 years, Fisher has never forgotten his original aspirations, respected the pace of children's growth, and helped them explore themselves, discover their talents, and achieve their instincts while playing. Use toys to stimulate children's imagination, exploration and creativity, and accompany them to spend a good childhood. Fisher's unremitting efforts are only to bring excellent toys, baby products and play experience to families around the world. From the perspective of children, Fisher-Price guards the nature of children. It is with this original intention. Since its development, Fisher-Price has become the world's leading brand in the field of infant toys and sold to 150 countries and regions around the world. In the future , Fisher-Price will continue to innovate to provide children with more safe and interesting toys and supplies for babies and toddlers that accompany the healthy growth of babies. Brand Memorabilia 2020 Fisher's 90th Anniversary. Using high-tech linkage technology, launch the cute and fun Lianmeng family, bringing unprecedented fun and surprises. In 2014, Fisher's wisdom was upgraded. The Happy Learning series is equipped with the three-stage technology of smart play, which allows the learning experience to be continuously upgraded as the baby grows. In 2007, Fisher entered the Chinese market and brought brand new interactive toys with sound and light to fully enlighten the development of children's talents. In the 1980s, Fisher launched children's products, including dining chairs and child car seats. In 1961, Fisher founded the Toy Lab, hoping to use toys to give better play to the children's talents. This is also the original intention of Fisher to establish the Toy Lab. In the 1950s, Fisher continued to innovate and created a new era of plastic toys. In 1931, Fisher launched wooden toys in the United States, breaking the monopoly of metal toys. Fisher was founded in New York State in 1930. About Mattel Mattel is the world's leading children's entertainment company, focusing on the design and production of high-quality toys and children's consumer products. We use innovative products and experiences to inspire, entertain and nurture children through play. With its series of world-renowned brands, including Barbie®, Fisher-Price®, Hot Wheels®, Thomas u0026 Friends™, Mega Bloks ®), as well as brands that have cooperated or licensed with world-renowned entertainment companies, we bring consumers a richer product experience. Our products include movie and TV content, games, music and scene activities. We cooperate with the world's leading retail and technology companies, conduct business in more than 40 countries and regions around the world, and sell our products to more than 150 countries. Since its establishment in 1945, Mattel has been accompanying children to explore witty childhood, allowing them to fully realize their potential, and being a trusted partner on the path of children's growth.
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