Fisher-Price and Sanrio Baby launch a joint product for the first time: Relieve parenting anxiety and liberate mothers' hands

by:Ennas      2022-02-03
March 2021) Fisher-Price®, a world-renowned infant toy brand, and Sanrio's new maternity and infant brand 'Sanrio Baby' jointly launched a joint product to solve the problem of newborn babies and truly free mothers' hands. This is the first cooperation between Fisher and Sanrio Baby, and this series of products has been launched in China in February. Fisher, born in the United States in 1930, has always maintained child-like curiosity and original intentions since the brand was founded, insisting on developing and designing toys from the perspective of children, inspiring children's imagination, exploration and creativity, and helping them to be able to play Explore oneself, discover talent, and accomplish nature. With this original intention, Fisher-Price has become the world's leading brand in the field of infant toys. Its products are sold in 150 countries and regions around the world, and are deeply loved and supported by parents and children. Sanrio Baby is a new baby product brand launched by the well-known toy and gift company Sanrio. Sanrio Baby starts from the feelings of mothers, hoping to help mothers relieve their child-rearing anxiety and share the happiness and joy of motherhood with them. Sanrio Baby's series of baby products are designed with natural and cute design, which can be used by both male and female babies. This time, the two parties have worked together to launch a number of joint products, including Fisher music soothing Hello Kitty dolls, Fisher Hello Kitty cute playground fitness equipment and Fisher multifunctional light rocking chair Sanrio Baby models. Fisher Music Soothes Sleeping Hello Kitty The cute Hello Kitty doll is soft to the touch. This is a breathable plush doll that brings a full sense of security to the baby and is a good helper to comfort and sleep. The belly will move up and down gently, simulating the breathing rhythm and emitting a soft shimmer. At the same time, it can play up to 30 minutes of heartbeat, white noise, snoring and other soothing sound effects or soothing soothing music, and customize the baby's favorite The comfort mode helps the baby quickly calm down and fall asleep. The short plush material is removable and washable, clean and hygienic! Fisher-Price Hello Kitty cute fun park fitness device cute theme design, build an exclusive gym for babies, exercise physical strength and develop sensory abilities. Up to 5 detachable pendants promote baby's all-round development: cloth book with ringing paper stimulates auditory development; strawberry rattles exercise hand strength; small leaf teether relieves teething discomfort; small mirror helps self-exploration; and can play Musical Hello Kitty dolls, enlighten babies' musical talents. The soothing vibration of the Fisher Multifunctional Lightweight Rocking Chair Sanrio Baby can help the baby soothe the emotions, and there are multiple modes to meet the needs of the baby at different stages, freeing the mother's hands. The tilt angle of the back of the rocking chair can be adjusted, which can be used from infants to toddlers, with a maximum weight of 18 kg. In addition, it is also equipped with a detachable toy arch, and two soft swinging toys are hung. It is the baby's favorite Hello Kitty and small partner. It encourages the baby to slap and exercise hand strength. In the baby's eyes, each toy has its own superpowers, friends who dream together, coaches who accompany fitness... It is precisely because of these wonderful abilities that the baby's children's power is fully released. In the future, Fisher and Sanrio Baby will work hand in hand to launch more safe, fun, infant toys and supplies that accompany the healthy growth of the baby, helping more parents to take their babies easily and freeing mothers’ hands. About Mattel Mattel is the world's leading children's entertainment company, focusing on the design and production of high-quality toys and children's consumer products. We use innovative products and experiences to inspire, entertain and nurture children through play. With its series of world-renowned brands, including Barbie®, Fisher-Price®, Hot Wheels®, Thomas u0026 Friends™, Mega Bloks ®), as well as brands that have cooperated or licensed with world-renowned entertainment companies, we bring consumers a richer product experience. Our products include movie and TV content, games, music and scene activities. We cooperate with the world's leading retail and technology companies, conduct business in more than 40 countries and regions around the world, and sell our products to more than 150 countries. Since its establishment in 1945, Mattel has been accompanying children to explore witty childhood, allowing children to realize their full potential, and being a trusted partner on the path of children's growth.
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