Fire bunny baby educational early education toy R1 hand bell to comfort and sleep, baby’s intimate playmate_children's toys network

by:Ennas      2022-01-13
The baby’s brain development is very fast in infants and young children, and the ability to accept new things is relatively high. Therefore, when parents prepare toys for their babies, they can be biased towards puzzles and play with toys in a guided way to improve The baby’s intelligence and thinking development, training the flexibility of the baby’s limbs and eyes, so that the baby can master his body faster. The fire bunny baby educational early education toy R1 shakes the rattle, a good magic weapon to bring your baby easily. Fire bunny baby educational early education toy R1 rattle pacifier-like silicone ears, safe and tasteless, BPA-free, babies can bite at ease, use imported EU materials, ABS reinforced shell, wear-resistant and durable, with a bright and smooth surface design , It is more suitable for the baby's visual effect. The exquisite embossed shell design + curved body shape allows the baby to grasp easily and effortlessly, suitable for the baby to grasp. The exquisite embossed shell design gives the baby an intuitive touch and increases friction, so that it is not easy to slip when the baby shakes the bell. Fire rabbit baby educational early education toy R1 handbell is equipped with a color recognition system, with 9 customized color cards, colorful ear lights, funny sound effects, soft light gradient colorful ear lights, attract baby's attention, soothe the baby's mood, high security level Medical silicone ears, soft and elastic, safe and resistant to biting, relieve the discomfort of the baby during teething, enhance the baby's color recognition, and enhance the fun of the experience. It also incorporates classical music, through soft music, it is easy to coax the baby into sleep, so that the mother can also sleep peacefully. In addition, if you need detailed information or consultation, you can click on the investment promotion area below to enter the brand and product details page to learn more!
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