Find a toy suitable for your baby in the dazzling toy world

by:Ennas      2021-12-05

The age of 3 determines the life of a child, and the baby's education starts from zero...Today's preschool education is already a battlefield without gunsmoke. However, in the world of early childhood education where squandering is becoming fascinating, which one is the right prescription? How can a kindergarten aged 3 to 6 develop better behaviors during the 'golden early education period'? This newspaper will successively invite the most experienced kindergarten principals in Hangzhou to 'play kindergarten' and talk about kindergarten and preschool education together. Guest of this issue: Zhou Xiaohong, director of Lanyuan Kindergarten, Business News reporter Chen Shufang, 'I spent more than 400 yuan to buy a smart remote-controlled car for my child. After playing for a long time, I was 'pushed into the cold palace'; a group of useless medical care at home Cotton, children have fun over and over again.” Yesterday, Jun Jun’s father “tagged” in the parent group: “Children’s Day” is coming soon. I wanted to buy a toy for my child, but I didn’t understand. What kind of toys do children like? 'Children learn by interacting with materials, and playing is also the process by which children learn knowledge.' said Zhou Xiaohong, principal of Lanyuan Kindergarten: 'But toys are definitely not as expensive as possible, and parents don’t have to spend a lot of time to buy. Toys. On the contrary, what is considered 'waste' in the eyes of adults may be unique in children's hands.'    Children like 'semi-finished products'   Teacher Xiaohong Zhou said that there is a technical term in preschool education called 'low structure' toys, which are rough and incomplete toys. . Such toys are highly variable, and they are also the most suitable toys for preschool children. 'For example, 40 minutes of outdoor play time in the morning every morning, if you give your child a bicycle, then the child will ride the bicycle; if you give him a rope, then he will skip rope; but if you give him a rope With a pile of paper boxes, the child can change countless ways of playing.”    Therefore, in various corners of the kindergarten classroom, there will be some simple building blocks, paper pieces, bottles and cans, chess and cards, shells, cotton, polygonal prisms, magnets, etc. Hourglass, balance... Such toys are most helpful to exercise children's imagination and creativity. Teacher Zhou Xiaohong gave an example that there were some used banners in the kindergarten. The teacher had a clever idea to 'turn them into treasures': Raise the banners high and let the children run underneath, like a small fish swimming in a river. ; Put the banner on the ground, the children can sit on it 'dragon boat'; let the children hold the banner above their heads, pretending to be a long 'caterpillar'; connect the banner, the children freely 'dance' 'Long'...  'In terms of creativity and imagination, adults are probably not as good as children. Children will sensitively capture the way of playing many things, but parents and teachers can guide and help.' Teacher Zhou said.  'Toys' that can be obtained locally:   1, rags. Put together the rags that are not needed at home to make a 'soft stickFor example, make a tail and press it on the body to imitate a tiger, a lion, or a monkey; wrap it around to make a steering wheel; place it on the ground as an obstacle for children to learn to jump;   2, milk powder cans. It can be used for building heights, construction, and building blocks; it can also be processed into a small cart;   3, a can of Wangzai milk. Take two jars and string them together with a cloth strip to make a 'stiltCollecting leaves of different shapes, spelling out a variety of graphics is 'leaf paste painting';    5. Paper towels. Few children do not like tearing paper towels and feel the sensation of flying like snowflakes; by dropping paint into the paper towels, children will be curious about this gradation and blooming process.   6. Mineral water bottle. Collect eight or nine mineral water bottles and add a small ball to make a homemade 'bowling ball'.  7. Handkerchief. Tie four ropes to the four corners of the handkerchief, put the ends of the four ropes together, tie a piece of rubber, and put it down from a high place. This is how the parachute is made.   8. Gloves. Dress up the five finger suits as different doll shapes to play different roles in storytelling or dialogue.
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