Figurines of xi 'an academy of fine arts department held the figurines life - — Mr Xu people 'art exhibition of literature'

by:Ennas      2020-06-02
Core tip: on April 10, 2015 held by the figurines of xi 'an academy of fine arts department of the figurines life - — Mr Xu people 'art exhibition of literature' in the western art gallery, the grand opening, party secretary wang xi 'an academy of fine arts in April 10, 2015 held by the figurines of xi 'an academy of fine arts department of the figurines life - — Mr Xu people 'art exhibition of literature' in the western art gallery, the grand opening, secretary of the party committee Wang Jiachun xi 'an academy of fine arts, xi 'an academy of fine arts dean guo lu, attended the opening ceremony, they in his speech to Mr Xu people 'for outstanding contributions to the cause of xi 'an academy of fine arts education highly, and emphasizes the importance of research on educational history of carding, for the protection and inheritance or west beauty left over from the old man's valuable academic heritage. Attended the opening ceremony of the famous horse figurines home Sir, instead of Mr, Mr Zhang Shuying, Mr XingYongChuan, discipline inspection commission secretary li-ming sun xi 'an academy of fine arts, xi 'an academy of fine arts, deputy party secretary Zhao Wandong, vice dean He Dan bao-sheng han, associate dean, dean assistant waley, arts and crafts association Li Jian shaanxi xi, vice director of professional committee of China arts and crafts society figurine yi-jie liu, the daughter of Mr Karen wang, wang qian of arts and crafts master of China, 'Mr Lady yu-cai wang, and the daughter Xu Yan xu and figurines, vice secretary of Zhang Yao, deputy director Chen xiao chun, and part of the teachers and statuettes of xi 'an academy of fine arts department of teachers and students, the exhibition opening ceremony presided over by the figurines department zhigang wang. 'Since 1948, when Mr Xu people into the western painting department of Shanghai academy of fine arts study, has the national YiZhuan, central academy of fine arts in hangzhou, east China branch from Liu Kaiqu, jiangfeng, XiaoChuanJiu, YanHan, Zeng Zhushao, etc. , during which he and sincere emotion, full of enthusiasm, created a large number of small sculpture,' Paul ', 'Wu Yunduo', 'learning culture' and so on attended the national youth arts exhibition, Moscow world youth festival of arts exhibition. 1956 and figurines in the central academy of fine arts is a further study. In 1958 was classified as the right, left the academy in northern shaanxi and other places to accept labor camp, 1961 and 1985 respectively in xi 'an arts and crafts factory, xi 'an jade carving factory, xi 'an toy factory work, but continue to adhere to a small statue of research, created' the monument in my heart ', 'ChunYan', 'cow', 'shown' and other works, including many works awarded national ChengDiao exhibition bronze prize, the honorable mention, in particular, in 1974 the first original daqin copy success, the excellent design prize of shaanxi province arts and crafts, received wide acclaim from all walks of life. Mr Xu 1986 people 'to return to the xi 'an academy of fine arts teaching, and put all the effort and energy into the work of teaching and educating, over the years has trained a large number of small statue talent, is filled with the whole country. Li-an, your costraint, 'Mr Xu people after retirement and founded the shaanxi carving arts training school and was awarded a prize of excellent workers of adult education in Shanxi Province, at the same time continue to stone carving, wood carving, root carving art creation, teaching or figurine art have made remarkable achievements. Figurines zhigang wang said the dean xu figurines are 'Mr Xi 'an academy of fine arts, one of the earliest professional teachers also is one of the pioneers of the new China northwest figurines career, he as early as in 1951 hangzhou YiZhuan figurines came to northwest art school after graduation, in harsh conditions, with gentlemen such as Lin Shiyue founded the figurines, figurines teaching into the orbit of professional, the cultivation of the talent for the art institute of northwest figurine laid a solid foundation, has made outstanding contributions, and the whole life to the art education and figurines career. He will always adhere to the traditional context in teaching and creation as the soul of art, actively explore the figurines performance of ethnic language, emphasizes the fusion of national tradition and The Times spirit. Xu people like gentlemen teaching idea and the artistic achievement is the older figurines is a solid academic foundation, therefore, in a planned way, into small statue systematically held the old man's artistic creation and teaching literature exhibition, comb and traces the figurines of the department of education history, is in order to better promote small statues, subject construction and promote the benign development of figurines of teaching. Exhibition on display this time Mr Xu people 'figurine works more than 50 pieces and some precious pictures, documents and materials, including Mr Xu people' in the early project pictures, there are also various periods of original creation, has a lot of big stone already, also have content in the form of a wide range of sculpture sketch, tries to through the art show, highlight the figurine art tradition of excellence in northwest China, small sculpture artists of the older generation of the creation of the noble moral character, rich experience in the contemporary art education in succession. Mr Xu people 'art course is a microcosm of the northwest figurine, the art is both a review of its artistic achievements, make us feel the first statue of dedication and diligence, also expressed our to the older generation engaged in figurine art education figurines home of respect.
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