Figurines inside rack _ figurine skills

by:Ennas      2020-06-09
The round head (shelf As shown in figure 3, 4) The round head (shelf As shown in figure 3, 4) This rack has two kinds: one kind is to use around 60 cm long sticks do mandrel, bottom with short square block at the center of the table card, nailed to death; Another kind is made high Angle or conduit for about 60 cm long mandrel, bottom welding into 'ten' word shape Angle connection, and drilling, in order to use nails fixed position at the center of the table. Due to poor adhesion ability of metal of mud, so often have to tie on top of the metal mandrel on a wooden stick, coir rope wrapped, in this way, the picture frame is ready, it requires certain bearing capacity, not around and rocking, strong and firm. Bust round bust the common dynamic shelf rack, with picture frame, just tied to a longer mandrel on again, then with a bar for shoulder, with wood nailed it into triangles to enhance its robustness. If dynamic particularly large bust, shelves according to the specific dynamic, such as 'Apollo' like. So after the dynamic change, should be random strain, according to the specific dynamic, concrete frame. But the shelves were required to be stable and not shake. Trunk dynamic simple trunk rack shelf in the picture frame on the basis of higher, then the shoulder, then use a piece of wood out of the pelvis, reoccupy even in basin dynamic reinforced out on foot. Dynamic complex trunk rack can also head of choose and employ persons body pierced (shelf Behind will be specifically) 。 The body frame ( As shown in figure 3, 5) Due to the human body dynamic more complex, so a straight plug has been unable to plunge into a dynamic complex forms. The body frame according to its size, there are two main types, one is to do big shelves in the human body, such as a is to be about one meter high body frame. Both the structure of the frame is the same. The body frame consists of three parts: plays a role of fixed connection tee at the bottom of the main structure. Central is the support part, mainly from the back of the statue insert bearing effect; Upper part is the '' shape, this part has a hole on both ends, front end hole of steel can be inserted into three groups, respectively, as the inner frame modelling of head, hands, legs, lower part of the support part of middle hole hole with bolting, can adjust the height of the statue. It different from the picture shelf, this shelf is fixed at the edge of the small sculptures of mesa longitudinal, make the space of the statue. Relief (shelf As shown in figure 3, 6) Relief the shelf is divided into two parts: the support part and bottom part. Support parts similar to an easel, but requires more strong, can withstand the greater weight. Article embossed floor is to use the wood spell row 2 cm clearance, lateral nail. At the bottom with a piece of clay or wood square can. Head and body emboss shelves in the same way, just different width size.
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