Figurines home Xu Sheng solo exhibition 'Xu Yuan - — Xu Sheng figurines space'

by:Ennas      2021-10-02
Core clew: artist noguchi had this expression: 'I like to think the garden as a space of small statue. 'On May 30, 2015 held in shenzhen 1618 art space' Xu Yuan 'exhibition, are artists noguchi had such way:' I like to think the garden as a space of small statue. 'On May 30, 2015 held in shenzhen 1618 art space' Xu Yuan 'exhibition, is another interpretation of this view. The exhibition by the Beijing art academies gallery director hong-liang wu as curator, a total of 16 pieces of the latest exhibition youth figurine artist Xu Sheng, will continue to July 5. Hong-liang wu said, 'garden' image from the famous Chinese architects in the 20th century, the history of architecture: Mr Home Jun garden ( 动物园) Layout may change is endless, and its simplest need, completely contained in 'garden ( 动物园) 'The word. This will be 'garden ( 动物园) 'Illustration of the word:' mouth 'walls. 'Soil' is the shape of building plane, can represent TingXie. The word 'mouth' center for pool. 'Clothing' in the former like stone like trees. 'Garden ( 动物园) 'The culture to be children's Mr Jun solution by one word. And because, this is a small solo, hope more personalized, more clear to express themselves, so called Xu Yuan, Xu Sheng garden. The exhibition hall built the garden the watch like the streamline, walk change scene, different from the present 'geometry' before his works of edges and corners, the works included more 'round', 'transparent' elements, each piece of work can be regarded as the landscape stone, stone and stone, constitute the basis for the garden. Xu Sheng figurines can be incorporated into the whole space, with the east garden of cascade processing corresponding relationship between the western architecture space, the concept of 'transparency', the exhibition scene reflected Xu Sheng focus on large space and architecture, single figurines as if a single building, 'Xu Yuan' is not only the 'planning', the artist is his 'heart garden', as the creator is western abstract concepts and system reconfiguration, is also related to the local context breath to its new interpretation. Subtitle 'Xu Sheng figurines space', the 'small statue' here is a noun, is also a verb, with his unique way to construct Xu Sheng are the figurines of the self space, this space is the east, it is a 'garden' was build up slowly. Xu Sheng life and creation in Beijing now, he have been painting, China central academy of fine arts in 2006 figurines, 2014 statuettes won the central academy of fine arts is a master's degree. Xu Sheng hong-liang wu said, is a clear life planning and strong execution of young people, at this age, his art history has excelled. From work 'thousand layer wave' to 'live' preliminary formed their own personal style, and repeatedly study in Japan, France, the United States, India, the teachers, and fellow praise. This exhibition called 'Xu Yuan' and 'slowly' great metaphor. Is also for this reason, the exhibition might become a pavilion Xu Sheng art on the road. The ancients said: 'the pavilion, and stop'. Hope Xu Sheng can stop here, a little rest, to see, think carefully, then go forward. . .
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